Weaving the Web | Spider Medicine

Weaving and Walking Your Souls Journey in a Powerful and Authentic Way

I invite you to join me for two days of creating and weaving your web.

Together we will discover the next step on your path.

Exploring in community the power of authenticity and walking in ‘right relationship’ with ourselves and others.

Spider medicine is a powerful and gentle weaving of energy to create a pathway forward, exploring all the twists and turns along the way.  Spider is a power animal that is worked with by many on the medicine path as she is a powerful healer and teaches us the web of life.

Throughout your weekend you will experience:

  • Spider and rebirth initiation
  • Celtic medicine wheel
  • Manifestation and the law of attraction
  • Yggdrasil and the tree of life
  • Shamanic witchcraft and magick
  • Transcendence Ritual
  • Cord Cutting, removing attachments
  • Weaving and creating your future

My invitation to you throughout this weekend is to experience the releasing of blockages, understand and know your boundaries, heal your spirit, and journey for both healing and connection.  This will allow you to gain a profound state of personal and spiritual growth and go through some deep healing changes, awakening you to a new vision of your life.

This Journey takes place in the spiritual town of Glastonbury in beautiful Somerset and your contribution will be £240 for the weekend (Early bird discounts and concessions may apply.  If booked for the whole of White Feather’s Shamanic Journey then further discounts will apply).

I invite you to connect with me on 07952 041477 or send me an email