Earth Healing | Natures Spirit

Journey with Mother Earth and Listen to Her Spirit Talk

I invite you to join me for two days of earth loving and connection

Together we will explore elemental medicine and connect deeply to the spirits of nature.

Exploring in community the cycles, grounding and seasons that influence us as we discover how truly connected with all are to nature.

As we walk upon the earth often we are drawn to the energies of tree, plants and the beauty of the seasons that delight our senses with displays of colour, smells and sounds. There are many examples of nature healing us with it’s roots, stems and leaves in teas, tinctures, oils and herbal remedies, but how often do we fully connect to her spirits and fully connect with the message our mother earth is giving us? This is your opportunity to listen, connect and discover more about how wonderful nature and her spirits truly are.

Throughout your weekend you will experience:

  • Shamanic earth walking
  • The elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water
  • Knowing your power animal
  • Grounding and protection in nature
  • Tree hugging and connection
  • Playing with the Faye spirits
  • Plant Spirit Ceremony
  • The Seasonal wheel of the year

My invitation to you throughout this weekend is to experience the releasing of blockages, understand and know your boundaries, heal your spirit, and journey for both healing and connection.  This will allow you to gain a profound state of personal and spiritual growth and go through some deep healing changes, awakening you to a new vision of your life.

This Journey takes place in the spiritual town of Glastonbury in beautiful Somerset and your contribution will be £240 for the weekend (Early bird discounts and concessions may apply.  If booked for the whole of White Feather’s Shamanic Journey then further discounts will apply).

I invite you to connect with me on 07952 041477 or send me an email