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A Complete Shamanic Healing & Medicine Journey

Where: Banbha Room in the Goddess House, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury BA6 9EJ

Wow! Finally the workshops I have been promising you for so long have landed.

A complete medicine journey filled with sound, vibration, healing, soul weaving, manifestation, movement, connection and sooo… much more.

White Feather and I have brought together all his teachings to create a mystical, sacred and spiritual experience that will awaken you to your souls journey and bring your body, soul and mind into sacred alignment with each step you take.

I have been on my own spiritual and shamanic pathway most of my life and I have been learning from White Feather, attending workshops and training and journeying with the energies for most of my adult life and I am very excited to be sharing that journey with you so that you can explore and nurture your own individual pathway too.

These workshops are designed so that you can either dip in for one weekend to fill in a gap in your journey, or take the whole journey of eight weekends and become a qualified shamanic practitioner and medicine man/woman.

If you are called to the path of spirit and want to honour the earth in all you do then this path will open you up to direct communication and sacred awareness of all the energies that manifest around you.

If you want to explore shamanic and medicine healing from a grounded, sacred and spiritual perspective then this journey will teach you many of the following…

  • Awaken you to all the energies that both guide you and others and learn how to navigate them
  • Guide you through soul healing and re-connection
  • Encourage you to shed attachments and how to do this for others
  • Journey into non-reality to meet your spirit guides and ancestors and understand and heal your past lives
  • Living within sacred space and what this means to you
  • Cut the cords that have been holding you back and dive deep into your own web of life
  • Explore the elementals and all the energies within nature as you are guided by the Mother
  • Understanding the deep healing of sound through voice, drum and vibration
  • Find your inner strength and power whilst reconnecting to your voice and the animal spirits that will journey with you
  • The gentle healing of Violet Fire and Seichem Reiki through sound and touch

These are just some of the many things that White Feather (my spirit guide) and I will be sharing with much dancing, healing and fun along the way

The Workshops

Each weekend has something special, just for you…

Click the one that calls to you and start your journey there – are you called to just one or do you feel drawn to take all eight and really embrace your journey through life.

This is how you book

The entire Shamanic Journey with certification can be taken over two years and you can choose which workshops you want to take first completing the rest in the following year – 2020 to 2021 – and there is a 25% discount if you book and attend all eight workshops throughout 2019 and 2020.

For the complete year of workshops it is just £1,080.00

Or you can pay by clicking the links above for each individual workshop – Early Bird Discounts are available now!

If you have any questions about payment options or want to arrange a way of paying in installments then I invite you to call or text me on 07952 041477 or you can send me an email 

Any other questions then please fill in my contact form below or sign up to my mailout to be kept up to date with all my events, both free community ones or paid workshops, also book signings in Glastonbury by yours truly.

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