Recently I was asked a question about how to continue the journey when what you had been taught felt limiting, and you felt like there was so much more to you, but because you had never been told you could expand and find your own way, then it never occured to you to do this.

This is the Guru way of mind, which is followed by many.  It’s so easy to follow and accept what you are taught, as law, but wouldn’t you feel more complete, happier even, if you found your own way?

It’s the classic ‘Don’t do as I do, do as I tell you’, but it doesn’t have to be!

You are a unique and individual soul that is destined to follows a path that makes your soul sing and dance, with challenges and joys that are completely unique to you, therefore doesn’t it stand to reason that what you learn needs to be adapted to suit you?

Make Your Choice – Watch the Video

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Have Your Say

Have you ever felt like you ought to be doing things in the same way as your mentors or teachers and allowed that to shape your journey?

I would love to hear your experiences of connection on your soul journey and where you find yourself, now on this path?

Share your comments below and let’s walk your path together for a while 🙂

The Doors are open for this Autumns ‘Path of Earth’

Well Wood Tree MeditationA Spiritual journey of connection and transformation.

Are you seeking a greater sense of connection to nature and want to re-discover her energy but you’ve been feeling dis-connected with yourself, within your foundations and to Mother Earth. You would like to re-awaken these energies and feel strong and grounded in your spiritual practice.

Join me for a series of days when you are immersed in the energies of the earth, the energies of nature and connection into the energies within you.  Where you are supported on your journey. Where you are allowed breathing space between each workshop date.  Where you are nurtured by the others that are sharing your journey and connection with you.  Where you are allowed to heal fully and deeply within sacred space.  Where you are re-connected to the Mother Earth, the nature spirits, fairy’s, dyrads and animal energies.

Throughout this journey you will feel yourself changing, growing, becoming more empowered, feeling your soul transforming and awakening within you.  You will feel the divine spirituality of nature opening itself to you, and you reaching back to it, as your energies become interwoven into one.

If you want to become a part of this journey then click here and place your deposit now 🙂

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