About Me

I love the life I live!

I am a self-confessed tree hugger – prolific, in fact –  and have no inhibitions when it comes to loving nature in all its variances. 

I have a love for life and am constantly reaching for the next opportunity and experience, and delving into the excitement of the moment.

I live in the beautiful village of North Wootton in the shadow of Glastonbury Tor in the picturesque Somerset countryside and am often found walking in nature with my dog, Rufus, the Irish Setter. 

I can also often be found buried nose deep in a good-ish book, painting or creating some vividly colourful craft, dancing in line to some country music or buried knee deep in herbs, flowers and gnomes in the back garden.  I also have a deep love of gardening and growing my own veggies and fruit.  Come harvest season, I am found knee deep in pickling, jamming and bottling, baking pies and making ice-creams… Yummy 🙂

The Healer Within

As an author, healer and trainer of the shamanic, sacred and spiritual pathways, I want to bring you the experience of connection; the journey into other realms and realities; the feelings of enrichment and closeness that comes from knowing your guides; and the oneness that is true healing into as many peoples experiences as I can reach.

I have been on my spiritual journey from a very young age and it has led me in many directions.  From playing and journeying with the fairy and gnomes as a child, exploring tarot and all it’s mysteries as a teenager, talking to and channeling the spirits in my home throughout my teens, to finding crystals and training in the medicine of aromatherapy and reflexology in my 20’s, and continuing to follow my path over the next 30 years into channeling Spirit, Usui Reiki, violet fire, seichem, magick and the energies, which finally led me to the shamanic pathway that I now walk as both a shaman and medicine woman.

My healing journey has taken me to many places around the world, from Egypt to Peru; from Australia to Wales; from Devon to Hawaii, from Kenya to the Norwegian Fjords, and many beautiful spaces in the UK.  During these travels I have received many initiations and awakenings that have only added to my understanding and awareness when helping and training others. 

Throughout my many travels and initiations I have found a deep love and understanding of my souls journey and the path of service I find myself on as my spiritual self dives fully into the human existence I am living so that I can experience the world awakening as a foundation for all that I see in life.




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