At this time of year you may feel like there’s an additional pull out into nature, to go for walks or just sit and be.  Do you just get up and go or are you ignoring this and pushing it aside, saying you’ll return to it another time, but you never do.

Do you feel ever feel like your stuck, stuck inside, stuck to your desk or computer, stuck doing those things that must be done but that don’t lift your heart and make it sing?

You might be feeling disconnected from the natural energies of nature and this seperation makes it harder to give yourself what you really need.

I know for myself at this time of year I often feel like my soul is calling me outside where I can hear nature singing to me in the voice of the birds and leaves in the treetops, where I can walk in peace with the spirits of the plants, trees and flowers, and where I can wrap my arms around my tree friends and feel their love and wisdom holding me steady in the moments when the challenges of life shake my foundations.

A Friend for Life and Beyond

You may have walked into your back yard or garden and gently touched a branch or leaf of a tree and experienced a brief moment of knowing, of connection with the energy that flows through a tree at this time of year.  That energy flows between the Earth and the Sky in the same way as our energy flows through us.  In fact, trees live a very similar life cycle to our own except that theirs is often a lot longer.

If you took it one step further and got up next to the trees trunk and just laid your hand on its bark for a couple of minutes.  Take a breath.  How does that feel? Cool, warm, pulsing, all of these? Can you feel the energy of the tree flowing through into you through your hand as you connect to the tree.

For me this is wonderful and I take it a step further and give the tree a full on hug, breathing deeply as I do so and feeling the gentle waves of oxygen healing my spirit and giving me a deep connection into the ancient wisdom of both the tree and the elements, earth and sky it is connected to also.

Cami told me that when she first stepped into the centre of a sweet chestnut tree and gave the tree a hug on the Path of Earth Journey, last autumn, it was like her soul opened and she could fully feel the energies all around her.  She found this to be a wonderful experience and I know she has hugged many trees since.

For me, tree hugging has given me a place to be, that is both peaceful and fulfills a deep need for healing and wisdom in my life and I have found a true kinship and friendship in my connection with the trees.

Meditate with the Trees

To fully experience the connection with a tree, sit for a while with your favourite tree, either out in nature or in your back garden, and do this gentle meditation that will give you deep healing and connection into the wisdom of the trees.

Over To You

Are you a prolific tree hugger like me or was this your first time. 

Leave a comment below and let me know what your experiences were when you hugged your first tree, meditated with a tree or who your best tree friend it for you.


What wisdoms have the trees shared with you and do you find yourself clearer and more connected after being with the trees for a while?

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