The Healers Way

Spiritual Journey’s in Creativity, Healing and Spirituality to enhance your life 

Wow, you’re really powerful and you are committed to exploring your spirituality to the full and you want to find a pathway that will support and nurture you.

You’re seeking a greater sense of connection to nature and spirit and want to re-discover your innate spirituality and set your feet more firmly on the healers path but you’ve been feeling dis-connected with yourself, within your foundations and to Mother Earth. You would like to re-awaken these energies and feel strong and grounded in your spiritual practice.

Glastonbury Tor The hardest bit about this journey is finding a place to start, a place from which to grow your foundations, a place from which to understand what that energetic connection is all about.

You’ve Come So Far

It’s quite normal to want to feel that connection to the natural world and the spiritual energies of all the plants, trees and animals as well as to the land itself, but not everyone gets what this means for you. 

You just want to be held in sacred space and return to that space over and over again to enjoy the deep energy connections that working with the earth and all her spirits can bring to you, without feeling rushed or hurried or that you have to get it all in one day.

You want to experience a journey of healing that will support and nurture you each step of the way.

It’s Your Choice

A series of workshops created to inspire and hold you in sacred space while allowing you to grow and connect with the healing and energies all around you. 

It’s your choice to do just one workshop that jumps up and grabs your imagination or to take all the workshops as they will inspire you to connect more deeply and move forward on your spiritual journey.

Each workshop will be held in the wonderful, healing energies of Glastonbury either within my home or garden or on a beautiful peice of Mother Nature in Glastonbury (weather permitting).

What Jumps out at you?

Each of these are unique days offering you a chance to explore and gain a deeper purpose and meaning on your spiritual journey through life.

Alison Tree HuggingWhat should I wear for the workshops?

During the day we will be spending time both indoors and out in nature therefore you will need to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes and bring with you a warm, waterproof coat and a good pair of walking boots or wellies (some of the places we visit may be muddy). 

What happens if I don’t want to join in an exercise?

You are welcome to sit out of exercises if this is what you choose, however you have booked this course with the view to get as much out of it as possible therefore you would be missing an opportunity for growth, for usually it is the exercises we want to skip that give us the most healing and spiritual awakening when we do them.

Remember the more energy you give your journey, the more you get out of it!

How much does it cost?

Each ‘A Day With’ workshop is £65 for the day with any extras included.

If there are notes or manuals for any of these workshops e.g. A day with Reiki Healing, then these will be emailed to you in PDF format after the workshop therefore being completely free for you to peruse in your own time.

Any further questions then ask away in the form below.

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