Do you find yourself asking questions of your life and situations that seem to bring back answers that are really complicated, that require deep analysation and thought and that make you jump through hoops to get to the point you need to be?

Every wish you could just simplify everything?

Because the answers that really work are often the most simple ones, the ones that you push aside because it feels too easy and their must be a catch.

There is no catch! just a simplicity that is refreshing and so, so easy.

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I would love to hear about your journey into your heart and your experiences of living your truth within. Leave a comment below and share your journey with others on this healing path.

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A very special day of walking in nature, learning all about herbs with Sorrell Robbins, Medical Herbalist and me, where we want to take you on an inspirational journey explaining the history, medicinal properties and healing powers of the herbs in our parks, pathways and hedgerows. 

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