Circles & Shares

Get Closer to Your Community

Circles + Shares Personal transformation sometimes seems like its a million years away from where you are right now, you feel trapped, like you have this seed inside you that is just begging to be free but somehow you just can’t seem to find the right access code.

Become part of a community of people celebrating and supporting their gifts and talents together, connecting with the energies and continuing their journey to their souls path

Do you want to grow in confidence, trusting yourself and ‘what you get’ no matter what it is?

I have created a sacred space for you to safely explore and build your confidence and talents, at the same time connecting you more deeply with Mother Earth, Great Spirit and the unseen energies of the universe.

Each of these circles are a place where you can grow surrounded by a community that understands you, wants to support you and wants to grow with you.

YingYangDrumming Circle – Arabic & Shamanic drum sessions

YingYangSpirit & Channelling Circle – Connection to your Spirit Guides

YingYangHealing Share – Sharing your healing with kindred spirits



All circles and shares are held at Shamanic Spirit, New Addington, Croydon, Surrey on the borders of Kent.

Learning Another Way

If you are looking for a course or pathway where you can continue your journey of growth and spirituality then head over to the Pathways & Training pages and see what you feel drawn to.

For learning in your own time or through an online program of connection then go on over to E-Learning and see what clicks with you.

Want a unique course for you and your friends?I generally teach in south of England but on request I will often visit healing centres or retreats and offer a private course to support the needs of you and your group.

Please contact me to chat about your needs.

Treat Your Loved Ones

Gift Vouchers for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversarys or just a wonderful surprise for the someone you love

Treat your loved ones to a free or many free circles with a gift voucher.

Send me an email with all the details including…

  • Their name
  • How much you want to spend
  • If the voucher is for general use or for specific circles or shares


Then I will email you your voucher – if you want it posted then please give me your name and address too.

It’s easy and they will love you for it!