Approaching Christmas I often find that my stress levels begin to rise.  Every year I host Christmas day for my family so around about now I am planning the menu, wrapping presents, doing last minute food and pressie shopping, making chocolates and baking pies and so the list goes on.

I know that not all of you are hosting family events, some of you are going out for lunch with friends and family, some of you are visiting the rellies and some of you are spending the Christmas period on your own and all of these scenarios can lead you to feeling overwhelmed, lonely and stressed.

Coping with the silly season

So how do we cope with the holidays – we are all different so we all have different coping mechanisms – myself I get really into the jolly and tinsel and sparkle of this time of year. 

I avoid the commercialism as much as possible and focus on those I love, being with good friends and family and letting myself be silly and laugh.

I know, I know, if life were that simple then the world would be a happier place?!!

Well I love simple, simple works and the more we try to complicate this season the more wound up and tense we get… so lets simplify.

All you need is love

Lets bring it back to what this time of year is truly about.  It doesn’t matter if your Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Budhist, Pagan or other religion or spirtuality, the truth of this season comes down to LOVE!

Love is the defining message and no matter what your beliefs this is true.  It is a time of reaching out, of drawing people close, of smiling at strangers and hugging friends, a time to let bye-gones be bye-gones, to release past hurts and slights and reach out, create new bridges and give love to all those around us.  So this festive season, share a little love, give a friend a hug, laugh a little louder, play a little longer, listen a little harder and begin to appriciate your life and all that means for you and yours.

So in the spirit of love I am sharing a simple heart chakra soundbath with you that will bring you back into your heart centre and allow you to expand and relax through love.  Just sit back in a quiet place and let the sound wash over you, feel those tensions and worries slipping away into the gentle sounds and just allow the love and laughter to bubble up as you are surrounded by the energy of love.

May Love, Joy and Blessings be yours this Christmas 🙂

Blissful sound healing

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