Walking with Spirit Guides – Tea Circle

Grow and Deepen your Connection with your Spirit Guides
Where: Shamanic Spirit, Landmead, Glastonbury BA6
When: Sunday afternoons, most weekends at 3pm

I would like to invite you to join me in a deep and meaningful conversation with Spirit, your Guides and your Guardians.

Join me in this sacred space of connection to give you the opportunity to understand, explore and meet with your Spirit Guides and begin or continue your journey into relationship with them.

This is an informal circle of peers meeting with intention to deep dive into a more lasting and committed relationship with the Spirits that want to help, guide, mentor and become your friends and companions throughout your journey in this lifetime.

As a Spirit Channel and working in relationship with my guides over my lifetime I have come to know that to have the best communication with Spirit you need to listen, trust and know that you are working in partnership…

Listen – really hear what they are advising you (not ordering or telling, just offering) and then make your choice on whether to follow!

Trust – trust in your answers, the first one you hear is usually the right one – this is the biggest obstacle and the greatest challenge to channeling and connection with Spirit!

Working in Partnership – this is a two way street… Spirit cannot be heard without you, you cannot gain their wisdom without them!

For more information on my journey then you can take a look at my ‘About Me’ page and my new book preview ‘Walking with Spirit Guides’

Oooh!! I must remember to tell you about the lovely herbal tea blends that I offer during our circle together to clarify, clear and detox you, body, mind and spirit and help you connect more fully to the Spirits and energies present.

These circles are by donation so just give what you are drawn to give in gratitude and love 🙂

I look forward to getting to know you all and having the honour of guiding you on your journey with Spirit.



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