Sacred Connection and Drumming With The Spirits of Mother Earth

An Earth Day Workshop

Date: Sunday 14th August from 11am to 4pm

Venue: Shamanic Spirit, New Addington, Surrey + Well Woods, West Wickham, Kent

Well WoodsWould you like to spend a day surrounded by nature, hearing the birds in the trees, feeling the grass beneath you, and connecting into the energy of the Mother.

Do you feel drawn to go outdoors and re-ground through the healing energies of the drum.

Is the idea of having a picnic, sat upon Mother Earth, with like minded souls and spiritual seekers, something that attracts you.

Imagine This

A beautiful woodland filled with nature spirits and fairy, a peaceful meadow of wild grasses and flowers, and the birds serenading you from the trees.

A feeling of deep peace and connection fills you as you are taken on beat of the drum into the woodlands and the earth herself.

A sensation of being exactly where you need to be, in complete and total awareness of every moment, walking through the fairy woods in mindfulness and enjoying the connection with the trees, even giving a tree a hug and expressing freedom in every movement.

Let Nature Surround You

Well Woods Meadow This follow-up workshop to the Path of Earth, promises to give you just that.

We will drive down to my local woods – Well Wood – with a picnic and some blankets, our drums and our spirits ready for connection.

When we get there you will go for a tree walk through the woodland, experiencing meditation with the trees, opening connections into the fairy realms, communicating with nature spirits, and experiencing a journey under a canopy of chestnut, oak, birch, yew, elder and hawthorn trees.

We will then have our picnic in a beautiful field beside the woods in peaceful surroundings, so you can enjoy the freedom of being out in nature.

In the afternoon you will experience drumming journeying and deep connections into the Mother and send some healing energy in to the Earth.

You will find an offering within the woods to make your own wand, so that you may continue your magical journey.

This will be a day filled with the magic of nature, the peace of meditation, and the fun of being with and sharing with others on a spiritual path like yours.

Here’s How You Join In

We’ll meet up at Shamanic Spirit in New Addington, Croydon by the green fields of the Surrey/Kent borders before going on to Well Wood.

Tree Hugging Alison Your contribution for the day will be £40 and some food to share with the group.

You can book by clicking the PayPay button below.

Following this I will get in touch with you to finalise the days details and date.

Have Questions?

What do I need to bring with me?

You will need to bring some food to share with the group – preferably vegetarian – and your drum if you have one to join in the drumming (either frame, darabuka, jbembe or all three) .  Other than that, just bring your beautiful spirit and a sense of adventure.

What should I wear?

Bring something warm for meditation work and wear comfortable clothes and sensible shoes for walking in and discovering the woods.