I thought I would share with you a story that was recently published in ‘Chat its Fate’ Magazine all about the different journeys I have been on with Spirit and where those journeys have taken me.

Foot ReadingThis story mainly focuses on how I was guided, having trained as a reflexologist, to combine my psychic reading skills, my channeling with the reflexology and begin my journey into the world of Solestry.

What is Solestry?

Solestry, also known as foot reading, is not the same as palmistry although some aspects are similar. Solestry is the art of reading feet through the observation, letting the feet reveal aspects and definitions of someone’s personality and challenges. By focusing on zones in the feet and characteristics like hard skin, bunions and the way the nails look and grow, we can really begin to SEE the person in front of us and by tuning into our psychic senses we can get a very clear view of how to guide them.

My Story

A spine-tingling chill crept through my veins as the atmosphere in my  bedroom turned from cheery to eerie. I could feel a presence moving behind me. And whatever it was, I knew it wasn’t alive…

I was 16 years old, and although I’d known there were spirits in our family home, it was the first time I’d actually felt one so close to me. I was with a friend, and we were messing around with a spirit board.

‘Spirits, if you’re present, come and join us,’ he’d daringly requested.

One of them accepted his invitation. He told us his name was White Feather, and he was a Native American shaman.

It was the start of a life-changing adventure with my spirit guide, White Feather.

Before long, with White Feather’s assistance, I was channeling messages from all kinds of spiritual beings, from angels, goddesses and ascended masters, to fairies, spirit animals and aliens.

‘Honestly, Alison, you’re away with the fairies most of the time,’ my parents would say. And I really was!

I never told them the truth, though – topics like ghosts and fairies were about as popular in our home as ironing!

I used my psychic skills to help lost souls pass over – including an angry ex-soldier who was furious we kept going to war.

As the years passed, I grew interested in reflexology. During my training, I discovered the powerful connection between our feet and emotions.

The accuracy of the foot readings – or solestry as it’s also known – is phenomenal. By combining my psychic gift and reflexology skills, I discovered I could tell an awful lot about people’s personalities, lives and backgrounds, just by looking at their feet.

I even began hosting regular ‘foot reading parties’ where I’d pick up on everything from work problems to unresolved past life issues and missing gall bladders!

‘Wow! Congratulations! When are you due?’ I excitedly asked one woman, before a wave of awkward silence cascaded across the room.

‘Oh my God, Alison – how did you know?’ she spluttered. ‘I only found out myself a few days ago. My family don’t even know!’

And that’s just one example.

I can tell whether people are happy or stressed professionally, heartbroken or secure romantically, even if they are eating enough fruit and veg. I know whether the ladies are menstruating by the size of their ankles!

Everything – from the appearance and health of the skin, to the way you cut your nails, shape of your feet and nail colour chosen – reveals something about you and your emotional state at the time.

The right foot, known as the ‘masculine’ side, is connected with the logical side of the brain and past, while the left foot or ‘feminine’ side is associated with your emotions and the here and now.

Each toe – and its size, shape and toenails – represents something different about your personality. The first three (starting with the big toe) symbolise your thinking, emotions and work life, while the last two represent your relationships and security. 

So, if your little toe (representing security) is much shorter than the others it suggests you’ve been held back in some way or forced to grow up too quickly.

Skin irritations, like veruccas and bunions, are also very symbolic; bunions – which are very common among older women, mothers and grandmothers – suggest you’ve spent too much time caring for others, while veruccas represent an issue from a past life you need to heal and resolve. Once the emotional issues have been addressed and resolved, the physical ones disappear too. 

The nail polish you wear can also be very revealing. Black nail varnish represents a desire to hide and protect yourself from the world, while lilac and dark pink symbolise a need for more respect and compassion.

You can even tell the type of job someone has from their feet. For example, if the toenail on someone’s third toe turns towards their big one, it suggests they work in a very thought-based field, such as law, computing or research, where they use their minds and logic heavily. While those with second toes larger than their big ones tend to work in more managerial roles.

I now teach people from all over the world about this fascinating skill, and still host ‘foot reading’ parties every now and then.

In many ways, it’s a lot like tarot reading; I simply read what I see – like the images on a card – and use my intuition, spirit guides and knowledge to gain an insight into who they are, and what they’re feeling at the time.

Although it might not be as popular as other psychic tools, like astrology, palmistry and tarot, it’s an absolutely fascinating area to explore. It’s amazing how much our soles reveal about our souls!

Written and interpreted by Golnaz (free-lance writer)

If you want to know more about Solestry and the path it can offer you then you can contact me or check out my Solestry online course so that you can learn this amazing technique and discover what your feet are saying about you.

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