Nature and Plant Spirit Connection

Walking in beauty with the Spirits of the Earth and Mother Nature

Chalice WellDuring this day we will be re-discovering our connection to Mother Earth and nature and to the beauty that exists all around us.  Taking a moment to stop, slow down and really appreciate all her nurture and support that she gives us on our journey.

When you attend this workshop you will be communing with the plant spirits, talking and meditating with the trees and their dryad spirit, earth walking in beauty and connection and feeling your personal relationship with the Mother in a strong and powerful way.

I have spent many years as a gardener, aromatherapist, shaman and hedge witch and in this time I have truly come to know my Mother (Mother Earth) and enjoyed and returned her nurture in the most fulfilling ways and I would like to re-introduce her to you.

Your journey with Mother Earth, takes place in my sacred, healing space in the spiritual town of Glastonbury in beautiful Somerset.

What to find out more then give me a call on 07952 041477 or send me an email and we can chat about your needs