Crystal Spirit – Crystal Healing Certification

A Journey of Discovery, Healing and Wisdom with the Crystal Spirits of the Earth

Do you have a beautiful crystal in your home?

Does it sit on a shelf and look pretty?

Crystal Healing AlisonIt doesn’t matter the size, shape, contour or colour, it was a stone of beauty that drew you in when you brought it and now it sits adorning your window ledge or shelf brightening up your surroundings.

Though is that really all its doing? Looking pretty! No, it is working hard behind the scenes to create emotional peace, balance and healing in your home.

Crystals are clever creatures – they come from deep inside our Mother Earth, dug from her pores and crevices, grown over millions of years, living within the vibrating heart beat of the planet we live on.  This gives them their own heartbeat or vibration and their own individual spirit and no matter how much they are cut and polished, how large or small, or even whether they are raw or tumbled, this spirit and vibration remains constant within them.

Powerful ancient healing

So you have a crystal (or more) in your home and I would invite you to find out more…

Pick up your crystal and hold it in the palm of your hand (if very big then just lay your hands on it), close your eyes and feel, just feel.

Let go of misconceptions and allow the gentle vibrations seep into your body from the crystal.  What impressions are you getting – is it warm, cold, calming, energetic, gentle, moving.

Now open your eyes and look at the crystal – what impressions do you get now, what does the colour say to you? what does the gentle spirit of the crystal whisper to you? if the crystal is clear then are there shapes within it that speak to you?

Asking these questions begins your journey with the Crystals but where do you go from here?

Beautiful Objects or Best Friends

You have now begun your journey with your chosen crystal. Yes! you chose it, though actually it chose you!

When you went to that market or shop and were drawn in to looking at crystals you were inexplicably drawn to touch/pick-up one and it pulled you to it to begin your conversation and so you took it home with you.  I know myself, going into a shop selling crystals is like going into a candy store with all my favourite goodies, its very hard to resist buying and I have taken many crystal spirits home with me because of this.

Crystal Spirit Workshop Remember healing and communicating with crystal spirits is not a new age thing, but a way of working with the earth that has been around for millennia, in fact, as long as crystals have been forming in the earth – Which if you think about it takes us back to the Big Bang. 

Humans have been using crystals for almost as long in ritual, ceremony and as an aid to create healing both physical and emotional and I want to show you a way to bring these beautiful beings into your life even more.

I have been working the spirits of crystals for over 15 years and am a fully qualified crystal healer, teacher and shamanic practicioner.  The crystals are so much a part of my life that when you walk into my sacred space you are immediately surrounded by their energies from the crystal grid that surrounds the room and also from the bowls and displays also filled with crystals, and every single crystal has a voice and a desire to help and heal.

Crystals are my best friends and I would like to share that connection with you.

Your Journey with the Crystal Spirits

You will get to know some of these crystal spirits whilst you take your journey with us – Me and the Crystals – over an intensive weekend workshop, designed to steep you in their energies and message, healing and beauty. 

When you attend this workshop you will explore all aspects of the Crystals, connect with their spirits, understand their colours, discover their healing qualities and much more.

One Day 1 we will…

  • Heal your crystal heart through meditation
  • Communicate and open to the wisdom of the crystals message
  • Open to the energies of the chakras and why crystals work so well with energy
  • Cleanse and remove energy blockages
  • Discover the message a crystal pendulum can reveal
  • Explore the crystal families and what makes each one so special

On Day 2 we will…

  • Explore your crystal cave through the shadow and light within
  • Look at the colours and what they represent
  • Discover the hidden potential of sound vibration through crystals
  • Set up a crystal grid
  • Uncover the healing potential of crystal layouts
  • Experience an intuitive crystal healing session

Each part of each day will open you up to a new landscape of beauty, healing and wisdom that you can use for yourself or share with others.

Also included on the weekend workshop is…

  • A full Crystal Healing Manual
  • Your own personal Heart Crystal
  • A Crystal Comb
  • A full set of Chakra Crystals
  • A Certificate of Attendance and the opportunity to become A Crystal Healing Practitioner

Go on a journey with the earth that will delight you, fill you with magic and wonder, allow you to experience a depth of connection that will enlighten and amaze you, and give you friends for life in the crystal spirits.

Your healing journey with the crystals, takes place in my sacred, healing space in the spiritual town of Glastonbury in beautiful Somerset.

What to find out more then give me a call on 07952 041477 or send me an email and we can chat about your needs