Healing Journey’s in Creativity, Shamanism and Spirituality to enhance your life 

So you’re on this really powerful journey and you are committed to exploring your spirituality and finding a pathway that will support and nurture you.

Are you seeking a greater sense of connection to nature and spirit and want to re-discover your innate spirituality and set your feet more firmly on the healers path?

Are you feeling a little dis-connected with yourself, within your foundations and to Mother Earth?

Would you like to re-awaken these energies and feel strong and grounded in your spiritual practice.

Glastonbury Tor The hardest bit about this journey is finding a place to start, a place from which to grow your foundations, a place from which to understand what that energetic connection is all about.

You’ve Come So Far

It’s a pull deep inside you to want to feel that connection to the natural world and the spiritual energies of all the plants, trees and animals as well as to the land itself, but not everyone gets what this means for you. 

You want to be held in sacred space and return to that space over and over again to enjoy the deep energy connections that working with the earth and all her spirits can bring to you, without feeling rushed or hurried or that you have to get it all in one day.

You want to experience a journey of healing that will support and nurture you each step of the way.

It’s Your Choice

These spiritual days are created to inspire and hold you in sacred space while allowing you to grow and connect with the healing and energies all around you. 

It’s your choice to do all four days or just one as long as you feel drawn and inspired by the journey that choice will bring you.

Each day will be held in the wonderful, healing energies of Glastonbury either within my home or garden or on a beautiful piece of Mother Nature in Glastonbury (weather permitting).

We will spread out wings, plant our roots and connect to the energies together throughout each day and each day will be centered to your individual needs for your journey.

Each day will be approximately 4-5 hours of one-to-one or one-to-many mentoring, guidance and healing to fully immerse you in its spiritual energy, whether it be with the stone peoples and crystals; connecting with spirit and your personal guides; tree hugging with Mother Earth; or connecting to your inner voice, there are many ways each of these paths will awaken and enhance your journey, giving you the tools to take ownership of your own path and walk it in integrity, love and self-power.

Give me a call on 07952 041477; email me or connect with me on Facebook to chat about your needs and together we can chose the days that will give you the most clarity and growth going forward.