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‘Under the Weather’ Aromatherapy

At this time of the year with Christmas and Yule come and gone and the celebrations of passing into the New Year, we’ve seen friends and relatives, we’ve sung and danced and we’ve filled ourselves up with food and drink usually of the stodgy variety and are making new years resolutions to diet, be more […]

A Life with Crystals

Do you have a beautiful crystal in your home? Does it sit on a shelf and look pretty? It doesn’t matter the size, shape, contour or colour, it was a stone of beauty that drew you in when you brought it and now it sits adorning your window ledge or shelf brighting up your surroundings. […]

Drumming for Life

Ever been to a festival or ceremony where you have heard the samba drums played or an impromptu session of djembe playing.  Do you love the Celtic Bodhran rhythm or the solid backbeat to most folk and rock music.  Maybe you are drawn more to the Arabic sounds of the darabuka or the Indian sounds […]

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