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What Is Your Soul Telling You?

Recently I was asked a question about how to continue the journey when what you had been taught felt limiting, and you felt like there was so much more to you, but because you had never been told you could expand and find your own way, then it never occured to you to do this. […]

Soul Connection is One Step Away

Have you ever felt like something was missing, like you just don’t fit together properly and there’s a connection that just isn’t happening or obvious? Would you like to feel you are whole and complete spiritually, that you just flow down your soul path and it’s all easy. Well the first thing to remember is […]

Just For Today

Have you felt that life passes by you and you can’t even find the time to stop and smell the roses? Are you feeling like you don’t have time to stop and enjoy your family, socialise with your friends, get all those little jobs done, just experience the joy of life in the moment. Maybe […]

Building Trust In You

Have you been feeling dis-connected from your spirit guides and want to get more clarity in your communication. You know they’re there but you can’t quite get the connection up and running. You know that this could be a powerful and fulfilling relationship, if only it was easier to hear their wisdom and recieve their […]

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