Shamanic Healing for Your Home

Re-discover Harmony in your Home

Balancing and healing the spiritual and emotional energies of your home

I invite you to really feel into what your home feels like around you, how you feel coming home from work or play? Is your home inviting or does it depress you when you think of going home? I invite you to feel the flow of energy and whether it feels stagnant or flowing? What is it about your home that you love?

It may not seem important to you whether your home is a happy place or not, however, I would say that your home is not just a house but a place where you can go to relax, seek comfort, connect with loved one and experience a sense of peace within.  If this is not happening then you really need my help to create the space in your home and life for this peace and comfort to happen.

I have been honoured to assist many people to create loving, peaceful and protective space within their homes… helping them with some of the following challenges…

Clearing negative energies      Feelings of tiredness and lethargy
      Heavy energies      Animal anxiety and nervous behavior      Disruption
Re-connection      Compassionate Dispossession       Spirit manifestation      Trauma

De-cluttering      Restoring peace      Poltergeist activity      Clearing Dis-ease
Cold and hot spots     Creation and Clearance of Sacred Space

Throughout our time together I will not judge your situation and I won’t reduce it to something unimportant or something that you just have to live with, no matter what challenges you come to me with. Your home healing journey is unique and special and I will honour that in every way.

To book your first appointment call me on 07952 041477 or email me and we can begin your homes journey to wholeness today

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