Readings with Spirit

Spirit Channel and Psychic Medium in Glastonbury, Somerset

Clarity is Closer than You Think with the Guidance of Spirit

I offer you an opportunity to talk directly to your Spirit Guides or other Spirit that has a connection with you.  A time to ask your questions, receive answers and get more direction for your personal journey direct from the source.

When I channel spirit, I essentially allow them to speak through me in a process I call blending.  This means that when I am doing a reading with Spirit for you, it is not me doing the reading but Spirit themselves either as an individual or as a collective.

This is essentially a conversation with Spirit, Your Spirit Guides and/or Ascended Masters, where you can ask and receive guidance on dilemmas, challenges or decisions that are challenging your ability to navigate your pathway at this time.  Spirit will bring you the answers you need to take the next step with ease.

You are welcome to record these readings and ask as many questions during the reading as you need.

In person Readings with Spirit – £50

Held at my safe and spiritual home in the beautiful village of North Wootton, beneath the shadow of Glastonbury Tor in beautiful Somerset. Readings are £50 each and usually last around 60 minutes.

Online Readings with Spirit – £50

By appointment, and are the same as an in person reading except we can connect anywhere in the world via Zoom or What’s App. Readings are £50 each and usually last around 60 minutes.

To book your reading call me on 07952 041477 or email me and we can begin to explore your pathway forward together.

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