Mugwort Plant Spirit Ceremony

Love, Dance and Dream with the Plant Spirit of Mugwort
When: Friday, 7th February 2020 at 7pm
Where: Shamanic Spirit, Landmead, Glastonbury BA6

Join me in the dreaming for an evening filled with the spirit of Mugwort. 

Follow the beautiful guidance given by Artemis and Diana. 

Experience shamanic journey and travel into the dreaming with is magickal energies. 

Share divine insight with the group and for yourself through readings and skrying. 

Get to know the magickal and beautifully gentle spirit of this herb that is written to be the oldest herb ever used for healing and magick.

About Mugwort

Mugwort (Latin name Artemisia Vulgaris) is a well known witches herb blessed by Artemis and Venus, which has associations with both the Moon – with its dreaming qualities – and the Earth – with is grounding effects.

Working with Mugwort through magick and the Moons energies causes your dreams to be enhanced, the dreamtime and shamanic journeying to be deeper, and brings about prophetic dreams.  It allows us to see and divine more through using divination methods like skrying, and is often used in ritual consecrations, witchcraft ceremonies and folk rituals.

There are many ways to use this magickal herb the have been recorded through history, here are just a few…

  • In the UK, poppets were sewn and then stuffed with mugwort and tossed into the Midsummer fire in order to clear away sin.
  • Mugwort was stuffed into dream pillows or drunk as a tea for the purpose of divination.
  • Rub a sprig of mugwort on your third eye before sleep to enhance your dreams and help with lucid dreaming.
  • At one time, in England and in Germany, various folk rituals were practiced on St. John’s Eve or Midsummer Eve to protect one’s eyesight, such as looking at the bonfire through a bunch of mugwort.
  • In Ainu culture, demons are brushed out of a possessed person using bunches of mugwort.
  • Sometime misrepresented by its association with Diana/Artemis, mugwort is not a herb for fertility instead it was used to suppress menstruation altogether.  
  • In Sicily, women would make crosses of mugwort and put them on their roof on the eve of Ascension Day so that they might be blessed. 
  • In the past, travelers padded the insides of their shoes with mugwort to prevent foot soreness.
  • The scent of the mugwort leaves is handy for keeping moths out of stored clothing.
  • Mugwort was also used to flavour beer before it was replaced by the more sedating hops and was grown in medieval gardens.
  • Bankes’ Herbal of 1525 advised that mugwort be hung on the house to keep out ghosts and ill spirits.
  • Mugwort was once smoked as cigarettes before tobacco came to the UK and now is know as the poor man’s tobacco.

Mugwort is thought to be the oldest herb in the world and was recorded in the tenth-century herbal ‘Lacnunga’ as part of the ‘Nine Herbs Charm’ which includes the following address to mugwort…

“Remember mugwort, what you revealed,
What you established at the mighty denunciation?
Una is your name, oldest of the herbs.
You are strong against three and thirty.
You are strong against venom and against the onflight.
You are strong against that evil She that goes throughout the land.”

This classic herb of the witch’s garden contains the planetary metal, tin, for Venus, as well as a number of other interesting metals.  This beautiful, soft leafed, silvery green herb is sacred to both Artemis and Diana, and used for its sacred connection to feminine power especially in challenging and dangerous situations. 

It is recorded in the Herbarium of Apuleius Platonicus that it was the Goddess Diana who found this plant and gave it to Chiron, the centaur responsible for teaching human beings medicine and is still used in both flower essences and eastern medicine today.

Other names for Mugwort are Felon Herb, St. John’s Plant, Cingulum Sancti Johannis, Chernobyl.

If Mugwort is calling you then here’s how you book

To book just drop me a line with your confirmation and I will add you to the list… either call/text/whats app me on 07952 041477 or Facebook me or email me

Please wear comfortable clothes for journeying into the dreamtime.

This event is by donation so just give what you are drawn to give in gratitude and love.

I look forward to welcoming you and inviting you to share your experiences of Mugwort with me in my sacred space.

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