Inca Fire Ceremony

Awaken and Re-Birth yourself through the Power of Fire
Where: Shamanic Spirit, Landmead, Glastonbury
When: Saturday 19th October 2019 at 6pm

I invite you to join me in a fire ceremony using the sacred rites and rituals passed down through the Munay Ki and Alberto Vivoldi from the Incan Peoples in the Andes of Peru.

Having spent time in Peru as a child and also working with White Feather (My shaman spirit guide from South America) I have been taken through the 9 rites of the Munay Ki and want to offer you the opportunity to experience some of their sacred rites for yourselves.

What is Sacred Fire Ceremony?

During the evening we will be experiencing and exploring both personal cleansing through fire and the clearing away of attachments and blockages using the power of the fire, allowing you to heal and renew yourself in flames, taking on the energies of the phoenix as you are born anew from the flames.

Here are some of the steps we will take during our ceremony and evening together…

  • Creating sacred space and calling in the directions to bring power and protection to our ceremony.
  • Awaiting the fires presence as you stand before it and asking its guidance and permission to work with its flames.
  • Washing and clearing your energy centers by bringing the flames into your body and allowing them to cleanse you from within.
  • Inviting spirit to germinate the seeds to release their power and beauty within you.
  • Drumming and singing ancient Inca song to welcome and praise the fire whilst asking it for healing.
  • Healing through the ‘Death Arrow’ and giving what is no longer needed to the fire.
  • Spend time sitting with the fire in contemplating of your healing and the journey you have just undertaken.

Fire has been used in sacred shamanic ceremonies around the world for centuries and is one of the great cleansers and healers of our time.

If the fire and the Phoenix are calling you then here’s how you book

To book just drop me a line with your confirmation and I will add you to the list… either call/text/whats app me on 07952 041477 or Facebook me or email me

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a warm wrap as the evening may get cold.

This event is by donation so just give what you are drawn to give in gratitude and love.

I look forward to welcoming you and inviting you to share your healing experience of fire, with me in my garden sacred space.

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