Crystal Training

A Journey of Healing and Wisdom with the Crystal Spirits

Learn more about the language of the crystals and their healing

Together we will explore the vibration of the crystals and listen to their messages of healing.

Experience personal exploration of the deep soul healing that comes from ancient wisdom of the Mother Earth.

Healing and communicating with crystal spirits is not a new age thing, but a way of working with the earth that has been around for millennia, in fact, as long as crystals have been forming in the earth – Which, if you think about it, takes us back to the Big Bang – We humans have been using crystals for almost as long in ritual, ceremony and as an aid to create healing both on a physical and emotional level and I invite you to bring their beauty into your lives more fully.

Throughout your journey with the crystals, you will experience:

  • Crystal healing techniques
  • Chakra and crystal vibration awakening
  • Cleansing and rebirth through the crystals caves within the Earth
  • Crystal Medicine
  • Pendulum dowsing
  • Rainbow crystal journey and initiation
  • Grids and layouts for protection, healing and manifestation
  • Intuitive healing session with the crystals

My invitation to you throughout this journey is to experience the beautiful spirits within each crystal and listen to their messages for you and your healing path.

Through connection with the crystals and their unique spirits you can gain a profound state of personal and spiritual growth and go through some deep healing changes, awakening you to a new vision of your life.

Your one-to-one crystal journey is held at my safe and spiritual home in the beautiful village of North Wootton, beneath the shadow of Glastonbury Tor in beautiful Somerset.

What to find out more then give me a call on 07952 041477 or send me an email and we can chat about your needs



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