Crystal Healing

Crystal Healer near Glastonbury, Somerset

Let the Crystal energies heal and revive you

Come and experience the gentle healing energies of the Earth and spirits that live within her.

Relax and let the individual spirits of the crystals, whether they be points, geodes, pendulums, wands, raw or tumbled, begin to speak to your energy.

By using the crystals in grids or patterns, individually or in groups, through pendulum to provide answers or combing for cleansing etc… I am able to bring balance and calm back to your life so that you can once more find your way forward, relaxed and revived.

During our session I will place crystals around you or on you – in much the same way as acupuncture – to begin working on the energy centers in your body and their flows. Using the individual energies of the crystals to cleanse and heal you.

Crystal Healing – 1 Hour £40 | 1 1/2 Hour £65

Crystal healing sessions take place in person at my home, a safe, spiritual healing space in North Wootton, Somerset, in the shadow of the Glastonbury Tor, where you are welcomed and held in sacred space throughout our session together.

This is how your session will flow:

  • Booking your session is where the healing begins.
  • You will then join me in my sacred space where, using a variety of crystals, you will receive the healing you need.
  • Following this we can book further sessions should you need them.
  • Know that I will be at the end of the phone or email should you need any further help or advice following our session and will be happy to hear from you.

To book your first appointment call me on 07952 041477 or email me and we can begin your journey to wholeness today.


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