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Shamanic Healing and Training near Glastonbury, Somerset

Join in ceremony, find your unique pathway, heal your mind, body and spirit, and go beyond who you are to who you are supposed to be

No matter where you are on your spiritual path in life, there is always opportunity or need to explore further… a need for deeper healing, clarification, knowledge and the opportunity to push yourself further in your understanding of your own path.

Are you plagued by past trauma? Are you at a crossroads and would like someone to clarify the next step? Do you want to know more about where your going and how to get there? Is life getting you down and you need some clearing energy to uplift and bring things more into focus?

I have worked, healed and trained with many wonderful people, over the years, helping them peel back the layers of their challenges and issues, training them in the techniques and giving them the tools to move forward on their paths. 

Taking the next step from some of the following challenges…

Body Confidence     Self-Worth     Feeling Powerless    Body Pain    Grief     Dis-Ease    Fear
Living with Illness    Leaving or Changing Damaging Relationships     Depression     Stress    PTSD
Changing Job     Self-Acceptance
     Dis-Connection    Coping with Learning Difficulties    IBS    Regaining Self
Clearing negative energies      Feelings of tiredness and lethargy     Spirit Possession     Trauma Release     Emotional Release
Fatigue & Overwhelm     Psychic Attack & Trauma     Asthma     Curses     Past Life Trauma    Karma    
Fibromyalgia    Anxiety     Spirit Attachment

When you begin to get the support, training, guidance and healing you need, this is when you begin to transform your life into the life you have always wanted for yourself, developing those deep connections in relationships and in your own spirituality that will give you strong, supportive foundations from this point on.

If you felt the need and then found this page then it is my belief you where guided here by a spiritual hand that sensed you need more help than you could offer yourself right now. 

If this rings true then your next step is to get in touch or click on one of the following options for guidance on where you go next.

Want to know more – connect with me on 07952 041477 or email me



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