From the age of 15 when my travels first took me to the wonderful lands of Egypt with all her mysteries and mythology visiting temples and pyramids, beginning a journey of spirituality that would connect me to both the Goddess Isis and the Goddess Sekhmet through ritual and worship.

Goddess of the Sun

SekhmetSekhmet is closely linked to healing and to those who followed her she could avert plague and cure disease.  As patron goddess of physicians and healers her priest/esses would be skilled doctors.  She was known as both a creative and destructive force of nature that would cleanse and then renew through the ankh of life she sometimes carried.

Her name ‘Sekhmet’ comes from the word ‘Sekhem’ which means powerful one and this is where we get the name ‘Seichem‘ from for the Egyptian healing system that calls upon the power of Sekhmet for healing.  Seichem energy channels that power throught the heart shifting us into an energy of true love and personal power.

Whilst practicing ritual in honour of Sekhmet, she showed me a vision of a past life that I had lived in Lower Egypt in one of her temples in Memphis.  This past life shows me in her priesthood working as a healer of the sick and wounded.  This was a profound awakening for me and came with my attunement in to the living, light energies of Seichem (Sekhem) and from this point I have connected the two closely.

My Vision

I am preparing for ritual, I am naked and bare in front of my Goddess.  The knife is sharp to ready my body.  As I dive into the sacred waters amongst the lotus, amongst the Ibis.  As my body is cleansed, I remove any hair with the knife, this is something I am used to, I have done this many times in the service of my Goddess.  It is a morning practice and I am not the only one performing it.

As I feel the waters of the sacred river closing over my head I am aware of the stillness and as I break the surface once more to breathe the air, I feel Ra upon my skin.  My Goddess is the daughter of Ra.  She is bountiful and ferocious and later today I shall meet her in ritual.

As I leave the waters I adorn myself in robes, for I am a priest of Sekhmet, a priest of the daughter of Ra, of the destroyer of lands, and of the healer of peoples.

I walk back across the dusty sands, back towards the temple,  walking along the corridor that is lined with the images of my Goddess.

I do not enter the inner temple at this point, but I prepare the room, the great room at the beginning of the temple.  Preperations are made, some of the priests make lotions using spices and herbs, these we give to the local peoples that bring themselves to the temple for healings.

I look up and I see the lame man walking in and sitting down on the hard stone floor.  He is unable to prostrate himself for the Goddess but he does his best.  I go over to him and whisper the sacred prayer that the Goddess has given us.  I lay my hands upon him in brotherhood and healing.  I allow the energy of the Goddess to flow through me. It is a blissful contact and one of great power.  We spend until the dipping of the sun in this position, me attending to the lame man as he prays to the Goddess. When I take my hands off him it is like he has been reborn, he stands up easily and although he still carries his cane he does not use it.  These are the miracles of the Goddess, the miracles of the healing.

When we have finished attending to the village people, the people of the towns and they have given their offerings up to Sekhmet, we close the gates of the temple and we put the offerings before an altar in the south where the fire was born.  For as Ra travels the skies from the eastern skies to the western skies, as he is born and dies so Sekhmet rises as its centre, as his child, his destroyer.

I spend time being with my Goddess in solitude and I sometimes chant and sometimes sit in silence in attendance to my Goddess.  Seated infront of a statue that towers above me.  Her lion headed appearance gazing down upon me.

As the doors are opened to the inner temple, all the priests have their own tasks.  I am the incense carrier, I bind the frankincense, the myrhh, and the gold. I dry out the sap of the trees that I collect the resins from and when it is dry I pound it and unite it in a bowl with the sparks of the fire and so I create the sacred smoke that cleanses, that is offered to my Goddess.

Others bring candles and offerings.  We are all dressed in our robes and we process with our tools through the doors into the inner temple.  Through a long room lined with columns where more statues of my Goddess stand.  This is a holy place and we are silent, humble as we process.

The door keepers open the doors into the next chamber, this is a smaller darker chamber, with writings all over the walls showing my Goddess. This chamber is empty save for a high stone altar.  We leave the offering the peoples have brough to Sekhmet upon this altar and then we process through to the next chamber.

This chamber is smaller still and at one end there is a huge seated statue of my Goddess.  We just about all fit into this room as we stand infront of my Goddess. We leave our candles upon the stands that are around the room.and we offer incense to each part of the room and each one of us is washed in the incense, in the sacred smoke.

The room grows hazy as we kneel infront of the Goddess and I wait for her to speak her words to me, to speak her wisdoms.  I hear her only and she tells me of much destructions, she tells me of many wars, she shows me the victories and the failings of men. She shows me the riches of the human spirit and she embues me with the healing powers of her nature and of the sun.

I am aware that I am kneeling in a smokey haze and I can not see my fellow priests, merely my Goddess who is walking around the room, glowing golden as she walks and blesses us all with her walking.

This is a ritual that happens every day, every day we bathe, every day we heal, every day we listen to our Goddess.  That is my calling, this has always been my calling, since very young I had dreams of her, I knew I was destined to devote to her and the priesthood.

She is my love, my life and I will walk in her name throughout these lands, throughout the lower kingdoms and in her name I shall bless Pharaohs and villagers alike, and in her name I shall water and tend the lands, worship at the waters of the Nile and feel the heat of the sun upon my skin. In her name I will deliver her messages unto the Pharaohs of the kingdom.  

In her name it is my bounty and my duty, my sacred calling to Sekhmet.

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