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An Invitation to Ceremony & Celebration throughout the Seasons

A meeting of minds and hearts and love for the Mother Earth

I have felt pulled recently into forming a group of lovely, like minded folk, that just want to celebrate the Seasonal Wheel of the Year.

A group that would meet to honour and celebrate Mother Earth in all her facets and energies.

Meeting in ceremony, both indoors and outdoors.  Setting up sacred space and working in a very shamanic way with the earth.

We’ll be starting at Samhain (Halloween) this year then flowing through Yule, Imbolc (Candlemas), Spring Equinox (Eostra), Beltane (May Day), Summer Solstice, Lammas and finishing the year at Autumn Equinox – hopefully to continue into the following year.

The ceremony format will be loose and incorporate mainly Shamanic styles of setting up sacred space, however what is contained within that space will be discussed in the group before each meeting so there is something for everyone involved – I will be forming the ceremony from this discussion.

This will be a meeting of minds and hearts and love for the Mother Earth and will included music, drumming, sound, healing, sharing, magick, movement, dancing and much more…

My Invitation to You

If you are drawn to join me in these celebrations of Mother Earth, then please get in touch and let me know.

For all of you who love the changing seasons and all the bounty they bring to our lives, I invite you to share that bounty with us.

Held in North Wootton, just outside of Glastonbury but still in the stunning Somerset countryside.

Just book your place then… Bring yourself… Bring food to share (Unprocessed and home-cooked)… and bring comfortable clothing/robes and walking shoes… Welcome All 🙂

The Seasonal Medicine Wheel of the Year

The below links will tell you a little more about the history and mythology of these seasonal celebrations…



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