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Shoden Reiki Training and Healing in Somerset

Original Japanese Usui Reiki for Inner Peace & Enlightenment

Reiki was developed as a system by which to attain enlightenment in the early 1900′s by Mikao Usui in Japan.  During this time Reiki was a system based primarily on meditation, sacred sounds and precepts (guides to live by).

Rooted in Tendai Buddhism and Shintoism, Mikao Usui included the values he had learnt in his formative years. Tendai Buddhism provided the spiritual teachings, and Shintoism contributed methods of controlling and working with the energies using discipline. The system was based in living and practicing, day to day, the spiritual principles and precepts that Mikao Usui laid out.

From that time until now, Reiki has been seen as many things including faith healing, spiritual healing, healing from Atlantis, healing from ancient Tibet and also has been connected with crystals, chakras, spirit guides and Angels.

Most Reiki practitioners will treat other people, they will treat themselves, and they will also follow a simple set of rules to live by that were set down by Sensei Mikao Usui.

This Is Your Personal Healing Journey

Reiki is all about moving more into a state of balance on all levels, awakening dormant energies within you and experience the power and beauty of the source energies channeling through you.

Moving into a state of balance may involve the healing long denied health problems, it may involve a change in beliefs and attitudes bringing more faith into your life, it also may involve making decisions that have been put off or ignored for too long, and possibly a realisation of your true values and priorities in life.

The basic principle of Reiki is change, a change for the better, finding out what is right for you in your life and making decisions to move you closer to what is right for you.

This is the first level of Reiki and will introduce you to the gentle, loving energies of this system of healing.

I will lead you on a journey through the Reiki Energies, to awaken your inner healer and allow you to feel and connect deeply within yourself and to the energies all around you, like tuning in to a frequency on a radio dial, you will tune in powerfully to bring the energy through yourself.

Throughout your day…

  • You will experience simple and powerful ‘connection’ rituals, called ‘Reiju’ empowerments
  • You will be guided by the Reiki precepts and learn to use them for life
  • You will be led through the meditations Usui taught his students for focus and self-healing
  • You will have fun playing with the Reiki energy and what it feels like for you
  • You will get an understanding of the journey and history behind this system of healing

Your one-to-one healing journey with Reiki is held at my safe and spiritual home in the beautiful village of North Wootton, beneath the shadow of Glastonbury Tor in beautiful Somerset.

What to find out more then give me a call on 07952 041477 or send me an email and we can chat about your needs


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