Reiki Drum

Reiki Drum Healing in Somerset

Bringing Together Reiki Healing Energies with Powerful Shamanic Sound Medicine

I invite you to join me in a two day sound energy experience.

Dreaming the Drum

 Drums are born in the night, A dream of sleeping thunder

 Drums emerge to see the light, Quickened by the waking thunder

 Drums are a dream arisen, Weaving a tapestry of life

 Drums bears the seekers of vision, Embracing the rainbow light

Cherokee quote

Together we will explore the vibration and healing of sound through drum and connect more deeply with the energy of Reiki – must be Okuden Reiki Level 2 qualified

Indigenous cultures all over the world – Celtic, Northern, Aboriginal, African and Native American tribes – have all used sound vibration, including drum and song, for sacred occasions, rites of passage, and for journeying from our world into non-reality for healing and spiritual wisdom.

Throughout your Reiki Drum training you will experience:

  • Reiki Drum healing
  • Opening space and preparation of self in Ceremony
  • Connecting to the spirit of your drum
  • Kotodama chanting
  • Reiki Meditation including Hatsurei Ho
  • Drum journey and soul connection
  • Connection to the power of your inner voice
  • Reiki drum initiation
  • Emotional and mental reprogramming
  • Lasting frequencies for healing

My invitation to you throughout this weekend is to experience the releasing of blockages, understand and know your boundaries, heal your spirit, and journey for both healing and connection.  This will allow you to gain a profound state of personal and spiritual growth and go through some deep healing changes, awakening you to a new vision of your life.

This journey takes place in Shamanic Spirit, at my safe and spiritual home in the beautiful village of North Wootton, beneath the shadow of Glastonbury Tor in beautiful Somerset.

I offer this journey to you as a one-to-one experience or you can book yourself and a group of friends, providing you are all Okuden Reiki Level 2 graduates. This training also includes a drum and beater to help you get going on your journey.

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