The sun is shining, crocus and snowdrops are opening beautiful flowers of whites purples and yellows and spring is definately in the air.

This is a time of preparation for new energy and vitality to flood our lives, getting back out into the fresh air and embracing the long tradition of spring-cleaning all that clutter from our lives.

In this weeks video I explore this reconnection to nature and the feeling of your own personal journey of awakening beginning.

Watch the Video

Over To You

What are your experiences with nature. Share a comment below and join in the conversation of getting back to nature.

Want to Have a Go?


If your idea of heaven is a day spent in beautiful woodland filled with nature spirits and fairy, a peaceful meadow of wild grasses and flowers, and the birds serenading you from the trees then this workshop is for you…

Come and join us for the next Earth Day – Book your place by clicking here.

A special day spent with others in reconnection to the earth through meditation, journey and mindfulness, enjoying the connection with the trees, even giving a tree a hug and expressing freedom in every movement.


If you just want to be held in sacred space and return to that space over and over again to enjoy the deep energy connections that working with the earth and all her spirits can bring to you, without feeling rushed or hurried or that you have to get it all in one day – then click here to find out more about The Path of Earth Journey starting in September.

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