Walking with Spirit Guides

Lessons in Love, Life & Understanding

With many messages from spirit, spirit guides, angels, nature spirits and the elementals, giving you wisdom and teaching for all walks of life. Go on a journey through shamanism and get the tools for walking your path through life.

Walking With Spirit Guides Book
Alison Spiritweaver Author

By Alison SpiritWeaver

“We live in a world that has many doorways, many walls and many boundaries that are invisible. We live in a world where there is structure in nature, a world where realms touch one another but are yet unseen. We live in a world where anything is possible, and all things can be manifested.

I believe that there is something for everyone that finds these pages… be it meditation, a quote, a snippet of wisdom or a new technique for your ongoing journey through spirituality and shamanism. If only one thing stands out and brings greater meaning to you on your souls journey, then my work here is done!"

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Walking with Spirit Guides Book

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