Starkeepers Rites

Awaken to the Knowledge that You Are Whole and Complete

This is the eighth rite/initiation that you will receive to begin your journey of love and fire across the rainbow bridge into the 5th dimension transcending your physical life through this energy transmission.

During this rite/initiation, known as the Starkeepers Rites, we will be connecting and exploring your connection to the stars and meeting and connecting with your personal star and any healing that may be needed around this.

You will be taken on a ‘Soul Journey’ through the beat of the drum, forward through time to connect with your future self and to hear the wisdom and learning that you have gained to that point

We will discuss the great prophesy of 2012 and what it means to you, your life and your journey.

Then you receive the physical initiation into the Daykeepers Rites [In Quechua, the Maillku or Mosok Karpay rites]. This rite connects you to a lineage of archangels that are guardians of our galaxy.

This rite anchors you safely to the time after the great change that is said will occur on or around the year 2012.

According to lore, when you receive this rite, your physical body begins to evolve into that of Homo luminous. The aging process is slowed down, and you become resistant to diseases you were once vulnerable to.

When you receive these rites, you acquire stewardship of the time to come and all future generations.


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