Healers Rites

Awakening the healing energies with you

This is the first rite/initiation that you will receive to begin your journey of love and fire across the rainbow bridge into the 5th dimension transcending your physical life through this energy transmission.

During this rite/initiation, known as the Healers Rites, you will be connected to a lineage of Earthkeepers and Laika medicine men and women from the past.

You will be guided through a ceremonial cleansing by fire in an Incan fire ceremony.

We will look at how the great principles can and do affect your life moving forward: –

  • Nonviolence – bring no harm to yourself or others
  • Truthfulness – be true to your word, and let your word be true
  • Integrity – do not steal, not even a glance; walk your talk
  • Moderation – use wisely the life force within you
  • Generosity – give more than you take for nothing in the world really belongs to you

We will explore setting up sacred space both personally through personal protection (creating the Wiracocha) and creating the sacred space we will be working within through calling in the seven directions:-

South – the place of the midday sun
West – the place of the setting sun
North – the place of the Ancestors and the midnight sun
East – the place of the rising sun
Above – the place of Father Sky, Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon, and the Star Nations
Below – the place of Mother Earth
Inside – the place inside your heart where all is complete

Then you receive the physical initiation for the Healers Rites [In Quechua, the Hampe rites]:-

Which connects you to a lineage of Earthkeepers from the past that come and assist you in your personal healing. The Laika know that we have tremendous spiritual assistance available to us. These luminous beings work on us during our meditation and sleep time to heal the wounds of the past and of our ancestors.

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