Daykeepers Rites

Awaken and Know the Sacred Mother within You

This is the fifth rite/initiation that you will receive to begin your journey of love and fire across the rainbow bridge into the 5th dimension transcending your physical life through this energy transmission.

During this rite/initiation, known as the Daykeepers Rites, we will be connecting and exploring the mother energies and your feelings around all the mother archetypes in your life and any healing that may be needed around this.

We will be using the technique of Hono Pono Pono to awaken the love within you, for both yourself and others:-

I’m sorry
Please forgive me
I forgive you
I love you
Thank You”

You will be taken on a ‘Creation Journey’ through the beat of the drum to the beginning of the Earth, and the creation of every animal, plant and tribe.

Then you receive the physical initiation into the Daykeepers Rites [In Quechua, the Pampamesayoq rites]. This rite is an energetic transmission that connects you to a lineage of Laikas from the past.

The Daykeepers were the masters of the ancient stone altars found in sacred places throughout the world, from Stonehenge to Machu Picchu. As a Daykeeper you are able to call on the power of these ancient altars to heal and bring balance to the world.

According to lore, the Daykeepers call on the sun to rise each morning and set each evening, made sure that humans were in harmony with mother earth, and honoured the ways of the feminine. The Daykeepers were the midwives who attended births and deaths, as well as being the herbalists, or curanderas. They were generally women, and were knowledgeable about the ways of the feminine earth.

This initiation begins the process of healing your inner feminine, and helps you to step beyond fear and practice peace.

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