I was out walking my dog – Rufus – this morning in the beautiful and calming Well Woods, which is a lovely fairy woods near my home, absorbing the energy and feeling a deep connection to nature, when it occurred to me that – with the addition of modern technology – I could share this experience with you too.

I found myself on a pathway, thinking about my pathway and where it has brought me in my life so far and this lead me into thinking about you and your pathway and what it is you need to grow on your journey.

Was it a deep connection or a feeling of nurture that your missing?

Or do you feel like things take over and there is no time for you in your life?

Watch the Video

In this short video I help you with a short, very doable meditation that will once again nurture, ground and connect you to the spirits and energies of nature.

Take a moment as you watch and listed to feel the energies of this woodland, energies we explore more deeply on the ‘Path of Earth’ workshop.

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Over To You

It would be lovely to hear your experiences of this meditation and the feelings you get from connecting to nature.

I’d love to hear from you so leave a comment below.

More Earth Moments

You’re seeking a greater sense of connection to nature and want to re-discover her energy but you’ve been feeling dis-connected with yourself, within your foundations and to Mother Earth. You would like to re-awaken these energies and feel strong and grounded in your spiritual practice.

The hardest bit about this journey is finding a place to start, a place from which to grow your foundations, a place from which to understand what that energetic connection with the earth is all about.

Well here I can show you how!  Just click the link to find out more.

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