Have you felt that life passes by you and you can’t even find the time to stop and smell the roses?

Are you feeling like you don’t have time to stop and enjoy your family, socialise with your friends, get all those little jobs done, just experience the joy of life in the moment.

Maybe it’s time to stop, take a look around you, and come into the present.  Choose to see your life in the NOW and unwrap the gift you have been given, the present of today. 

So Just for Today, take a deep breath, sit down comfortably, enjoy watching this video and relax deeply into this moment.


Enjoy the Video

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Have Your Say

Have you taken up the challenge this week to live just for today? If so I would love to know how it went for you. 

Share your adventures with unwrapping your present with us in the comment box below.

A Closer Connection For You and Your Loved One

You’ve always longed for a deep spiritual connection with your partner that will grow and nurture your relationship but life always seems to get in the way, whether it’s work, children, family or other situations that need dealing with, which have become more important than your spiritual relationship.

The Couples Adventure is a program designed for women who love women.  Over a weekend you and your partner will be held in a spiritual, sacred space that will nurture your relationship, deepen your connection to each other and strengthen your bond of love, followed by individual support session to continue and deepen your connection over the following 3 months.

Many people in your situation would feel frustrated at being unable to connect to a path that would suit both of you and nurture your needs together, so that you can grow strong in your partnership.

Make the change today and grab hold of that deeper connection for you and your partner.

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