Soul Shamanic Healing Connection

Discover The Magic of Deep Soul Connection

The hardest bit about feeling spiritually drawn to a particular path in life, is the lack of understanding you often find in others around you. It can feel very lonely and a sense of isolation can overwhelm you when all you want to do is talk and share with those you love, all the wonderful things that are happening to you as you journey along your chosen path.

Alison in ConnectionYou feel called, a deep tug to your heart strings telling you that spirit is out there, around you, possibly guiding you with unseen wisdom but you just can’t seem to tap into it and that deep connection you are longing for with your spirit guides is remaining just out of reach

You’ve probably explored the healing energies, journeyed into the realms of spirit and the psychic senses, or even followed a religious, spiritual path.  However you have come to this point, you are now finding the next step is not so obvious and you are feeling stuck.

Wouldn’t it be so wonderful to find a way forward that completely suited you, that was created for you, that would enhance your journey and support you each step of the way.

The only person who can move you – is you!

Your Soul Connection

I believe we can all be, do and have all the things in life that will allow us to hear our soul’s song and sing.

It’s not always easy to walk your soul path and it often involves deep healing that can bring up painful memories and traumas attached to people, relationships, situations and places that will need to be released so that you can move forward. 

Change is the only constant in life and if you are ready to take responsibility for your journey and willing to move yourself to the next level, to jump off that cliff, then I would be honoured to guide you as you explore and discover the path ahead.

This is a deep program of connection that is designed to lead you on a personal journey to discover, explore and grab hold of your soul path, connecting to your spirit friends and allies, and creating the right healing and energies around you so that you can walk through life doing and experiencing the things that give you purpose.

Let Your Soul and Spirit Soar

Over the next three months we – you and I – will connect do the deep healing that you need, and move you into a deeper connection within yourself and your journey.

We will be looking at many different connections in your life; working with the energies to guide and heal you as we travel your path together; uncovering hidden patterns and allowing you to experience greater awareness of the energies around you.

During our 3 months together we will be experiencing:..

  • Meditation to ground you into the universal energies
  • Connection practices that will transform your relationship to the world and energies around you
  • Understanding the Earth’s spirits and what they bring to your journey
  • Personal discovery sessions to find your voice, both within and without
  • Exploring vision boards and how they can help to manifest your life
  • Journeys back to your soul group and the expression of unconditional love
  • Chakra and energy centre meditations to balance and awaken your personal energy flow
  • Power retrieval and extraction healing
  • A look at positivity, body language and language for confidence and trust in you
  • Guidance on setting up a daily personal connection practice
  • Journeying to allow you to connect and contact source/God/Goddess/light
  • Channeling and connection with your spirit guide(s) to establish a strong and enduring relationship
  • Manifestation and affirmation techniques to enhance your path

Beauty in NatureYou will also receive:

– A Shamanic Healing Session

  • We will book a 1 hour session (at your convenience) for the healing to take place
  • You will need to be in a relaxed, peaceful space with no interruptions either lying down or seated.
  • Opening yourself to the healing and just allowing yourself to relax.
  • Following this I will email you the results of the healing session and any guidance and support you may need to continue your healing forward into the future

A one hour follow up Soul Connection Session to be booked a couple of months after you have completed your journey.

Email or FB Messenger support as and when you need it.

All sessions will be via Zoom or Facebook Messenger where we can either connect face to face or just talk – whatever makes you feel the most comfortable – so that I can give you all the tools and support you need to take that next step on your pathway to becoming a more empowered and connected you.

Give me a call on 07952 041477; email me or connect with me on Facebook to chat about your needs and together come up with a plan for your journey onward