A complete foot treatment giving you holistic relaxation for your whole body.

Reflexologt & Thai Foot MassageThis session of pampering is designed to give you the ultimate feeling of pampering and relaxation of mind, body and spirit.

Throughout this 1 hour pampering package combining Reflexology with Thai Foot Massage, I will give your feet that deep and stimulating massage they deserve.

You will be lying in reposed relaxation as I begin stretching and opening the zen energy lines through your feet and into your body.

I will stimulate the pressure and reflex points of the feet to energise the internal organs.

Awakening your body so that I can promote your general health and well-being and restore the peaceful, natural balance of your body.

Ooh Yes Please!

Feel the joy of floating away as your feet and body experience complete relaxation for 1 hour of purely feet pampering costing you £50.

For ultimate pampering book three sessions for £140 – that’s a saving of £10 – have one a week and feel life soaring back in on all levels.

Want to book your session, just give me a call on 07952 041477 or send me an email

Go on, treat yourself, you’ll love yourself for it!

Gift Vouchers

Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversarys or just a wonderful surprise for the one you love

Treat your loved ones to the pampering they deserve.

Send me an email with all the details incuding…

  • Their name
  • How much you want to spend
  • If the voucher is for general use or for a specific pamper treatment or shamanic healing


Then I will email you your voucher – if you want it posted then please give me your name and address too.

It’s easy and they will love you for it!