I wanted to share with you all the healing and some what scary message that the fires in Australia had to share with me recently.

At the time I was lying in bed contemplating what I could do to help the animals and land of Australia as these wild fires raged…

– maybe I could do some weather magick for gentle, soothing rains;
– send some healing energies to help with the animals finding their way to help;
– donate to some of the fundraising efforts;
– or all of the above and more…

And as I was thinking I began to tune into the energies of the Fires and found myself surrounded by a wall of angry flames, VERY ANGRY flames, and they had this to say…

We are so ANGRY!
We are angry and we are cleansing the blight.
We are the sword of the mother, the sword of the earth.
The sword that strikes back.

The earth is angry.
We are heat and light and cleansing.
We are eating what has been left for us.
Sometimes it is necessary to be harsh.
Sometimes tough love is the only thing that you humans will hear.

Maybe if you lose enough, you will get the message.
It is NOT okay to cut us down, to destroy the planet, to litter the floors with YOUR rubbish.
It is not OK.
Clean yourselves up or we will keep coming.

We understand how harsh and destructive our message is,
yet we will still deliver it.
Just as the hurricanes will deliver theirs
and the fires in the Amazons will deliver theirs.
As the earthquakes and tsunamis
and the tornadoes
and the cyclones…
ALL have a message to deliver.

The eruptions and the volcanoes.
All have a message to deliver.
We want the earth healthy.

She is beautiful and should be treated as such, and honoured.
It is time to bring some of the old ways back.
A time of honouring.
A time of service to the earth.

We have nothing more to say.

Channelled by Alison SpiritWeaver on 3rd January 2020
Posted on Facebook on 14th January 2020

So tell me what do you want to do… are you stuck wondering how you can help… what can I change that will make a difference???

I believe that it is all about focus… the universal law that says ‘where our focus goes energy flows’… so lets start to focus on how we want to see the world… a picture that allows the earth to cleanse and heal… that allows us to once again, honour and only use what is necessary to us… killing only what is needed to survive (both plants and animals)… seeing a world in harmony with nature!!!

These are the dream I am dreaming into being and this is where I CHOOSE to put my focus.



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