Ever been to a festival or ceremony where you have heard the samba drums played or an impromptu session of djembe playing.  Do you love the Celtic Bodhran rhythm or the solid backbeat to most folk and rock music. 

Meditation, Journey, MovementMaybe you are drawn more to the Arabic sounds of the darabuka or the Indian sounds of the tablas both played for belly dancing and eastern folk. 

Feel the rhythm

Whatever the rhythm or whatever the drum that is being played allow yourself to be swept up in the rhythm as if in meditation as the continuous beat surrounds you and awakens your senses.

As you allow the drums to seep into your senses you are beginning to understand and experience one of the foundational part of shamanic practice worldwide, the practice of shamanic drumming.

Drums are a vibrational energy within the universe, which is a single, flowing, rhythmical being. According to quantum physics, everything in the universe, from the smallest subatomic particle to the largest star, has an inherent vibrational pattern. The entire universe is created through vibration and can be influenced through the vibrations of drumming

Ancient ritual, Modern healing

Drumming for energy, for visions, for healing, for connection to spirit is an ancient practice and in tribal cultures the power of sound over the body and spirit is well known, and now in the western world there is research supporting this – making the ancient wisdom more palatable to modern ideas.

Research suggests that brain activity can actually be affected by drumming, and there are studies showing how the sounds of a drum can help with illness and emotional trauma. Group drumming has been linked with improving the immune system, helping Alzheimer’s, cancer, autism and learning difficulties, building self esteem and reducing stress. These studies are hinting at what has always been known by shamanic practitioners and shamans both in ancient times and in practices still known today as shamanic and medicine drumming.

Drums are a tool that connects us to the earth and to our own heartbeat making the rhythm of the drum a powerful way of meditating, journeying and doing trance work to recieve visions and explore our life choices.  The concept of the shamanic journey is explored through drumming and allowing the steady beat of the drum to carry our consious mind while our subconsious mind is free to journey to find answers to our questions.

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