Connection to the Deep Wisdom of the Trees

Deeply connecting to a tree is more than just the beginning of a friendship, more than just recieving healing from the tree, and more than the energy and wisdom the trees share with you.  It is the deep, lasting presence and the meaning this can give your life.

If we listened to the wise energy cycles of a tree and begin to incorporate that into our life styles just a little, then we would truly be living through each season of the year and embracing the changes and cycles this would bring us…

Chestnut TreeIn springtime the tree is getting new leaves, sprouting flowers and blossoms, bringing its energy from the earth that it has stored throughout the winter in its trunk, and releasing that energy into its boughs and branches so that those blossoms smell beautiful, look divine and attract insects and birds into its branches so that it may bear fruit in later months, and in the springtime it is the time of new awakenings and new beginnings, that time when the gentle rustle of the wind and breezes gently shake the new leaves providing a feast for many creatures as the boughs fill with new life, it is a time of renewal after the long staid winter, after the barrenness, the springtime opens up new possibilities as you stretch with the tree up into the heavens and new growth begins.

As we move into summer so the tree becomes full with leaf, the branches are no longer seen as the tree is covered with lush and bountiful new growth and leaves and the first seeds of the fruit are seen growing, as more and more sunlight penetrates the leaves and they become brighter and greener as they grow upwards towards the sky, this is the time of tremendous growth and thickening, a time of wisdom, the summer, the tree communes with sun during the summer months, feasting itself on the golden rays and on the summer rains, it is a time of great energy and a time of great renewal and a time to fill up the reserves with beautiful sunshine energy.

As we move into the autumn season the tree is now full of energy, pulsating, and that energy is being stored down deep into the roots and in the trunk. It offers it’s fruits and seeds to the earth to bring new growth in the coming year. So now begins the season of discarding what is no longer needed, this is the season when the leaves fall and the twigs, that the leaves were attached to, seal themselves as each leaf descends on its great journey back to the earth, and as each leaf falls so the energy within that twig and branch withdraws down into the trunk, where it is stored. Letting go of the leaves is a huge part of the trees natural cycle, so letting go of of your own leaves lets go of illness, negativity, worry, and stress, freeing you of old cycles and opening up new opportunities.

And as we move into the winter the tree now stands naked, beautiful and stark in its splendour, the trunk sleeps, and the energy that is stored within the trunk and the roots feeds the tree. Some of that energy is given back to the earth as new energy is pulled in through the roots up into the trunk, during this season of winter, during this season of hibernation -the time of the hermit – a time for looking deep inside, for retreating into your shell, for bringing about new energies within, for nurturing those energies for building you up, for strengthening your core, trunk and roots, external influences and forces are not important at this time, it is all about you.

The healing effects of this cycle are endless and wonderful and very nurturing to explore and I invite you to introduce just one of these ways of living into your life and see what shifts and connections begin to happen for you.

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