Violet Fire – Healing from St Germaine & The Angels

Transcendant Healing from the Angels

You want to awaken to a deeper connection to the Angelic realms and understand the teachings of the Ascended Master St Germaine.

You want to awaken your third-eye and crown energy centres so that you can open as a channel of medium receiving the wisdom of spirit.

Violet FlameWhen you receive the Violet Fire you will feel a spiritual connection, pulling you upwards into the realms of the Angels and connecting you to the wisdom and love of spirit. 

This is pure transcendant energy will be pulled down through your third-eye and crown chakras, clearing your spiritual channels and cleansing your soul.

Opening to the Energy of the Flame

Violet Fire is a channelled energy, said to come from St Germaine and the angelic realms directly to you in the form of gentle cleansing energy through your crown energy centre at the top of the head.

The energy was first discovered when people become more aware of channelling (mediumship) and connected to a spirit called St Germaine, and he gave them the teachings and the connections needed to call upon this energy source.

The teachings of St Germaine are about the ‘Law of One’ and the source of this ‘I Am That I Am’ and he teaches this through the connections of energy and the path of true enlightenment so that we might all experience connection through this path.

This energy awakens your spiritual body and connections to the higher realms and beings, lifting your consiousness higher and uplifting your soul.

Through the Violet Flame all blockages are cleared from the body and your energies are cleansed, your chakras cleared and a feeling of peace and calm is obtained.

Walking a Path of Angelic Fire

During our day together we will spend time getting to know and understand this transcendant healing energy that comes directly from St Germaine and the Angels of the Violet Flame.

  • You will be taken on a journey of past-life regression, to one of your past lives to connect to a time when you met St Germaine, discovering why you have been led to this energy and how it will work for you in your life.
  • You will be welcomed and initiated into the Order of Melchizedek, which will connect you to the divine plan for planet earth and the ascended masters who are already a part of the order.
  • You will be taken on a journey to meet the angels of the Violet Flame and be introduced directly to your own angel, who will help you on your healing journey.
  • You will also do practical work throughout the day, learning the symbols and healing techniques and tools of Violet Fire. 
  • You will finish your day with some shared healing time to fully experience this energy for yourself.

Your day will be spent absorbing the rays of the Violet flame, whilst sitting in peaceful meditation and self-healing.

Let’s Get Started

Your healing journey with Reiki can start as soon as you pay your deposit, then I will contact you to book a day convinient to you and then it’s all systems go!

Your one-to-one healing journey with Reiki, takes place in my sacred, healing space in New Addington, Surrey near the Kent borders.

What to find out more then give me a call on 07952 041477 or send me an email and we can chat about your needs


Supporting You in Your Connection

Alison SpiritWeaver HealingThere are many ways that I continue supporting you after you day of Violet Fire.

  • I will be sending out distant Violet Fire empowerments each week, which you can recieve anytime on a Monday, just by relaxing and ‘tuning in’.
  • Every 2nd Wednesday evening in the month there is a Healing Share to support and nurture your healing journey with others on the same or similar paths.  This is a chance to practice, become more confident, and to gather around you a community of healers, just like you.
  • I will be inviting you to join me and others who have received training from me on other journeys and healing paths, in a community facebook forum.  Giving you a place of support and nurture on your continued journey, a place to ask questions and a place to connect to others on your path.

During the day we will be mostly working indoors so you will need to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes suitable for meditation and healing work.

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