Reiki Drum – Healing with Sound

Combining Gentle Reiki with Powerful Shamanic Drum Medicine

You are a Reiki level 2 practioner and you want to add some deep sound healing to your practice to deepen the healing you already get from the kotodama.

You feel a powerful pull from the drum and love how hearing drumming around you makes you feel.

Reiki Drum HealingYou love Reiki, You love drumming, so let’s combine the two, to get a wonderfully powerful sound healing practice, so when you drum it vibrates through the body changing frequencies and energies and creating strong, lasting healing change.

A Journey into Sound

Drumming for healing and meditation is an ancient practice. In tribal cultures the power of sound over the body and spirit is well known, and now in the western world there is research supporting this – making the ancient wisdom more palatable to modern ideas.

Research suggests that brain activity can actually be affected by drumming, and there are studies showing how the sounds of a drum can help will illness and emotional trauma. Group drumming has been linked with improving the immune system, helping Alzheimer’s patients, cancer patients, Autism and learning difficulties patients, building self esteem, reducing stress and supporting recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. These studies are hinting at what has been known by shamanic practitioners and shamans in ancient times and that they still know today as they practice what is often know as medicine drumming.

In shamanic medicine drumming, the sound and energy of the drum can be used in many ways. Shamans in indigenous cultures all over the world – Celtic and British tribes, North African, Arabic peoples, Native Americans – have all used drumming for sacred occasions of all kinds, and for journeying from our world into non-reality.

Combining Reiki and drumming shifts blockages and re-balances the bodies energy field.

When treating other people the drum is used freely and intuitively to send healing energy into areas of the clients body. This practice can be extremely intense, and while very powerful it does not have the innate protective and gentle energy that we are used to in Reiki.

Lets Get Drumming

Over the course of two days you will be working closely with your drum, learning healing techniques and powerful ways to use sound healing.

You will release blockages and you will experience a profound state of personal and spiritual development and go through some deep healing changes.

Over the two days…

  • You will honour the seven directions and open sacred space in shamanic ceremony with the Reiki energies
  • You will choose your drum, get to know its spirit and become attuned to it though a powerful connection ritual
  • You will journey to find your inner voice and celebrate the power this brings to you
  • You will experience and learn to give a Reiki Drum Healing
  • You will experience and learn to give a Reiki Drum Mental & Emotional Reprogramming
  • You will experience and learn to take others on a Reiki Drum Journey
  • You will connect and journey to meet your Power Animal
  • You will discover a love for drumming with the gentle Reiki energies

Let’s Get Started

Your healing journey with Reiki Drum can start as soon as you choose your date and pay your deposit, then its all systems go!

The next dates for this course are…

  • Sunday 25th October and Sunday 1st November 2015

This Journey takes place in my sacred, healing space in New Addington, Surrey near the Kent borders.

What to find out more then give me a call on 07952 041477 or send me an email and we can chat about your needs


Supporting You in Your Connection

Reiki Drum Mental and Emotional Reprogramming (Medium)There are many ways that I continue supporting you after you day of Reiki.

  • I will be sending out distant Reiju empowerments each week, which you can recieve anytime on a Monday, just by relaxing and ‘tuning in’. This will give your Reiki practice a real boost and echoes the way that Reiki was taught by Mikao Usui, with empowerments week-in, week-out throughout your training.
  • Every 2nd Wednesday evening in the month there is a Healing Share to support and nurture your healing journey with others on the same or similar paths.  This is a chance to practice, become more confident, and to gather around you a community of healers, just like you.
  • I will be inviting you to join me and others who have received training from me on other journeys and healing paths, in a community facebook forum.  Giving you a place of support and nurture on your continued journey, a place to ask questions and a place to connect to others on your path.