Seichem – Living Light Energy

Heart Healing from the Egyptian Pyramids & Goddess Sekhmet

If you are looking for a pathway that will unite your energies and give you a deep connection in to universal love, then Seichem is for you.

SeichimIt’s a channeled energy that has some of its roots in Reiki but ultimately comes from the Goddess Sekhmet of Egypt and is a pure source of light that will illuminate the rainbow energies within your heart centre.

Living in Light Energy

Seichem is experienced and known as rainbow light with a firm and solid energy when you connect.

Seichem, as this energy is more commonly known, comes from the energies and guidence of Sekhmet – Egyptian Goddess of the sun, who is often seen as a lioness, bringing destruction, from which comes regeneration and healing to all. 

Because of this Seichem Reiki energy has its roots in love and is often called ‘living light energy’.

Seichem Reiki energy is used for healing on all levels, spiritual, emotional, physical and mental

This energy is channelled straight through the heart as a real force for pure love, and this system of energy healing is sometimes know as a path to ‘unconditional love’ or ‘all love’.

Widely experienced and known as the rainbow light, which makes Seichem energy feel more solid when healing ourselves and others.

Letting Your Heart Light Show

Seichem brings you into alignment with the heart energies.  Attuning you to the healing energies of Sekhmet and the powerful force of cleansing that is the blue light of Seichem.

During our day together we will spend time

  • Getting to know this loving healing energy that comes straight from the heart of the Goddess Sekhmet.
  • Go on a shamanic journey inside the pyramids at Giza in Egypt to fully experience your Seichem awakening.
  • Discover the chakras and connect with the unified heart chakra allowing you to experience this energy on all levels as a force for pure love.
  • Take a shamanic journey to meet the Goddess Sekhmet, learning her message for you and chanting her sacred name to more closely connect to her essence.
  • Doing practical work throughout the day, learning the symbols and healing techniques and tools of Seichem Reiki. 
  • You will finish your day with some shared healing time to fully experience this energy for yourself.

When I first fell in love with Egypt at the age of 15, I was blessed to have the opportunity to travel around this amazing country and get to know its myths and magics where I spent much time exploring temples, pyramids and getting to know its energies and the energies of the Goddess Sekhmet.

When you choose to become empowered to the energies of Seichem you too will be introduced to the wonders of the pyramids, the Goddess Sekhmet and the energies of Egypt.

Let’s Get Started

Your healing journey with Seichem can start as soon as you pay your deposit, then I will contact you to book a day convinient to you and then it’s all systems go!

Your one-to-one healing journey with Seichem, takes place in my sacred, healing space in New Addington, Surrey near the Kent borders.

What to find out more then give me a call on 07952 041477 or send me an email and we can chat about your needs

Alison SpiritWeaver Healing

Supporting You in Your Connection

There are many ways that I continue supporting you after you day of Seichem.

  • I will be sending out distant Seichem empowerments each week, which you can recieve anytime on a Monday, just by relaxing and ‘tuning in’.
  • Every 2nd Wednesday evening in the month there is a Healing Share to support and nurture your healing journey with others on the same or similar paths.  This is a chance to practice, become more confident, and to gather around you a community of healers, just like you.
  • I will be inviting you to join me and others who have received training from me on other journeys and healing paths, in a community facebook forum.  Giving you a place of support and nurture on your continued journey, a place to ask questions and a place to connect to others on your path.

During the day we will be mostly working indoors so you will need to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes suitable for meditation and healing work.

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