A Spirit Journey of Connection & Transformation

Manifesting Deep Healing within Your Soul

As a child you were connected and could feel, possibly hear and possibly see spirits around you.  This scared you and made you run away from them, blocking out that connection.  As you have grown up you have sometimes regretted this choice and feel like there is something missing now.  It’s time to re-connect and reach out, but where to begin?

Spirit LandscapesOne of the hardest things about having a strong connection to spirit is that many around you don’t really get it and in fact some people look at you as if you’re just plain weird.  There’s no one to talk to about your connection and you feel lost as to where to turn next.

You’re feeling like something is missing, some part of you has got lost – maybe from trauma or fear, maybe from a relationship or family issue that turned bad – whatever it is, that feeling of emptiness within you persists and no matter what you try, you just can’t shake it.

You Can See the Unseen

You know there’s something else out there, something unseen.  Others keep telling you that your intuition is powerful, You’ve had reading from psychics and mediums and they’ve told you, you too should be doing their work.  You want to know more but you haven’t found the right path for you yet.

You’ve tried learning the tarot cards or working with auric energies but it’s just not giving you that deep connection you’re longing for.  It’s lacking some little thing that seems elusive, just out of reach, if only you could catch hold of it and make it work for you.

You’ve tried re-opening yourself to spirit, even attended spiritualist churches to see how other mediums work but it’s still scary and now spirit is seeing you again, they are starting to come around you more.  You feel unprotected and scared and would love someone to show you the way, so that you can be friends with spirit and they won’t take over your life.

You’re stuck! You’re a powerful channel and you work with spirit all the time, however this is very personal work and the idea of sharing this work with others makes you shrivel up inside.  There’s a hard knot of fear when you think about opening up, yet you know deep within you that you are meant to help others with this gift.  You could deal with your fear through learning how to deeply heal yourself and your soul but you’ve yet to find the right journey to show you the way.

The Good News

Spirit MeditationThe good news is that there is a way to connect deeply with spirit and not have them invade your personal space.

Imagine… That your life feels whole and complete, you flow into new challenges and everything feels easier now, you have a deeper connection into the energies, you understand how your spirit works and you have the tools to acknowledge your healing path, you have awakening into a more powerful and enlightened way of being, and you are well on the way to getting the life you want.

Imagine… A time when walking with spirit doesn’t scare you, in fact it makes your heart sing and dance with joy, because you feel so close to your guides now, that having a life without them would be empty. 

Imagine… You are becoming a shining beacon for wisdom and messages from the spirit realms and you are now sharing that with the world, through books and media, courses and workshops, you are helping the people that need your help and you are doing it as a clear channel for spirit.

Imagine… A life coach, guidance councellor, therapist, shaman, wise woman and elder all rolled into one and all channelling through you everyday, bringing you the guidance you need to make life easier and more in flow.  This is what your spirit guide can be for you as well as being a friend when you need one.

The Journey Begins

Over a two month period you will be taken on a journey of connection within the spirit realms, connecting to your spirit guides, allies and friends, experiencing deep soul level healing, and finding your place to stand in the universe.

There are 4 workshop days where we will be holding each other in sacred space, supporting and nurturing your journey, allowing you to expand your consiousness into all energies and the spirit realms, and connecting to a powerful team of spirit supporters that are here just for you.

Between each workshop day will be a fortnight when you can spend time getting to know the energies and spirit guides you have connected to, take time to sit with your guides, and continue the soul level healing that will connect you more deeply into you.  You will also recieve some home-play exercises to keep you focused between workshops.

You can also connect to me via email if you have any questions or need support during the 2 months, with an option of booking a one-to-one support & healing session with me between or after, should you need to.

Your connections each time we meet, will be:

White FeatherDay 1 – Regression & NOW

  •     Sacred Space Ceremony
  •     Sitting in your personal power
  •     Working in the NOW – Mindfulness and being present
  •     Past life & Regression healing sessions
  •     Experiencing a Soul group journey

Day 2 – M.A.P. & Spirit Connection

  •     Expanding your energy centres
  •     Understanding the Auric layers and energies
  •     Awakening the Unified Heart Chakra
  •     Connecting to Archangels and the White Brotherhood
  •     MAP – Medical Assistance Program

Day 3 – Soul Weaving & Acknowledgment

  •     Recieve guidance from the spirits of the animals and plants
  •     Journey into wholeness through acknowledging yourself
  •     Experience yourself as complete with a soul retrieval
  •     Healing personal blocks and unhealthy attachments
  •     Group drum journey & rebirthing ceremony

Day 4 – Channelling & Transcendance

  •     Journey to meet your Spirit Guide Gate Keeper
  •     Exploring connection ritual and protection
  •     Discover your inner medium and spirit channel
  •     Transendance Healing Ritual
  •     Closing ceremony & certificates

Throughout this pathway to spirit, you will find that the more you get involved in the journey the more the journey will give back to you.

Your journey does not stop here, there is support available to you so that you continue to feel held and nurtured as you walk your path:

  • Every month we host a Spirit & Channelling Circle, that is specifically designed to continue supporting your connection and journey with spirit, so that you can stay in sacred space with them and get your questions answered without feeling you have been left out in the cold. 
  • You will be invited to connect into our facebook community, a sacred space where you can post questions, share your experiences of your own connection, and feel the support and continued nurturing of the group around you. 
  • I will also be available for any individual healing and connection work you may wish to do, through my one-to-one support & healing sessions.

Walking with Spirit

I have spent many years channelling my Spirit Guide, White Feather, developing a strong and deep relationship with him and learning to trust in the messages I recieve.  I am also a clear channel and medium for other spirit to communicate, bringing their messages to those who need them, working with them in healing and also helping spirits who are lost to find peace.

I am a qualified shamanic healer and teacher, working closely with the spirits of the land and my guides, using soul retrieval, retrieval of power after loss, removal of blockages, releasing negative attachments, regression and compassionate disposession as part of my healing toolkit.  Bringing these tools to our pathway together, allows spirit to be directly involved with the healing and your pathway forward.

This journey is powerful, empowering and connecting you into deep, deep connections and healings and a lasting relationship with spirit

Let’s Get Started

Check in, in the new year to find out more dates for this workshop.

This Journey takes place in my sacred, healing space in New Addington, Surrey near the Kent borders.

What to find out more then give me a call on 07952 041477 or send me an email and we can chat about your needs

Have Questions?

What should I wear for the workshops?

During the day we will be mostly working indoors so you will need to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes suitable for meditation and healing work.

What happens if I don’t want to join in an exercise?

You are welcome to sit out of exercises if this is what you choose, however you have booked this course with the view to get as much out of it as possible, therefore you would be missing an opportunity for growth.  Usually it is the exercises you want to skip or that make you feel uncomfortable, that give you the most healing and spiritual awakening when you do them.

Remember the more you energy you give your journey, the more you get out of it!

Will I be able to hear or see Spirit?

By the end of this journey you will be strongly connected to spirit, some of you will see, some will hear and some will feel them, however you will all have channelled them and spoken their message for yourself and others.  Our spirit guides make themselves known to us in ways that are unique to your personal journey, so this will be a different experience for everyone who takes this journey.

What Happens Next?

After your two months immersed into the realms of spirit and deeply healing and connecting on your soul path, you will be able to join your peers, every month, for the Spirit & Channelling Circle, where we will continue your journey with spirit.

You will also recieve an invite to join our Facebook community where you will recieve support and inspiration to continue your journey forward.

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