Deep Soul Level Connections and Transformation for Your Life

Transformation and connection at your fingertips when you begin your journey into spirituality and the energies.

Especially designed to transform your life, each of these training paths has been specially created to support you, nurture you and hold you in a sacred space so that you can grow, learn, become empowered and absorbed in the adventure.

I invite you to have a read and see where you are called.

YingYangPath of Earth – An Earth Journey of awakening to a deep connection with Mother Earth

YingYangPath of Spirit – A Spirit Journey of awakening to a deeper spirit and soul connection

YingYangCrystal Spirit – A journey of connection with your crystal friends

YingYangSacred Craft – An Earth Day Workshop



All of these magical connection pathways will give you strong foundations for trust and a strong sense of direction for your life.  Reiki Drum Journey

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Learning Another Way

Join a community that supports and nourishes your gifts in a safe, spiritual space at one of my circles and shares.

For a space where you can find tools, online guidance and online programs of connection then go on over to resources and see what clicks with you.

Want a unique journey of connection and empowerment for you and your friends?  I generally teach in south of England but on request I will often visit healing centres or retreats and offer a private courses to support the needs of you and your group.

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Treat Your Loved Ones

Gift Vouchers for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversarys or just a wonderful surprise for the one you love

Treat your loved ones to a journey of connection and empowerment, with a gift voucher for some or all of the cost.

Send me an email with all the details including…

  • Their name
  • How much you want to spend
  • If the voucher is for general use or for a specific course or pathway


Then I will email you your voucher – if you want it posted then please give me your name and address too.

It’s easy and they will love you for it!