I sat down to write my blog today for the first time in 6 months, I was putting fingers to keyboard, instead of recording my usual video blog, and I found myself stumped.  How do I connect my words and thoughts and express them to you as clearly as the words and expressions I show you in a video.

Well as you can imagine, I was finding it very difficult to connect to what I wanted to share with you, especially as my topic of conversation today was connection!  I was winding myself up, tangling myself in knots with no end in sight – I’m sure this never happens to you – right?

Then it hit me and I stopped…

I took my hands away from the keyboard, then (1) I took a deep breath, then (2) I got up from my desk and began to move, and then (3) I put the lead on the dog and off the local woods we went.

1) Take A Deep Breath

Taking a deep breath is one of the easiest things to do, but also one of the easiest things to forget to do.

Sky Above Earth BelowWe breath in and out every second of everyday, totally unconsiously, that when it comes to re-connecting into ourselves, it really doesn’t occur to us that breathing may be that way of re-connecting.

Have a go at this exercise and see what taking that deep breath can do for you, I know it calmed my right down…

  1. Find a comfortable place to stand or sit and close your eyes
  2. Place your hands on either side of your belly button with the middle fingers on each hand touching
  3. Breathe in deeply through your nose, let the breath fill your belly and feel your middle fingers coming apart slightly as you breath… Now hold that breath for 4 slow seconds.
  4. Now breathe out though your nose again for 4 slow seconds and feel your middle fingers relax back together
  5. Repeat this 3 times and then relax

This is a wonderfully clearing exercise, that takes almost no time and yet connects you into yourself completely.  When you do this it allows your body to undergo a deep oxygen cleanse, so that your brain relaxes and that chatter in your head quietens, and you can begin to feel the energy of your body and spirit awakening in the gentleness of the moment.

No matter where you are, you can connect in this way and I invite you to start today.

2) Movement is Connection

After I had finished with my breathing, I then stood up and began to move around, just simple movements, having a small stretch, walking downstairs, poking my head out into the garden, and stroking the dog.

Such simple movements, so how can they connect you, I hear you ask.

Well, movement changes the flow of your body, it changes the way blood flows around the body and it allows new energy into the cells and muscles.

Movement is easy, it’s simple to start too, why not try these exercises to bring some movement into your day…

  1. Stand in a clear area of the room (If it is hard to stand, you can do this exercise seated or infront of your desk)
  2. Take an in-breath and fold your hands together over your belly
  3. On your out-breath, raise your hands, together, over your head
  4. On your in-breath bring them back down to your belly
  5. Repeat this 3 times
  6. Then on your in-breath spread your arms out to your sides parallel with your shoulders with palms facing outwards and bring them up over your head
  7. On your out-breath bring your arms down to your sides and then scoop the air upwards before spreading your hands out to your sides once more
  8. Repeat this 3 times
  9. Then on your in-breath move your arms up from the sides and bring them together over your head
  10. On your out-breath press your palms together over your head and then bring them down (still together) to the centre of your chest, finishing in the prayer position
  11. Finish with a few moments of silence and stillness, whilst still holding your hands in the prayer position and take note of how your body is feeling now – do you feel more open and connected than before

I noticed that when I got up and started moving around, I found that I felt brighter, more clear-headed, almost immediately.  It made me want to go for a walk and have a change of scenery.

3) Finding Your Connection in Nature

There’s something about walking in nature, like we do on the path of earth workshop, that is so clearing and peaceful, offering you a deep spiritual connection with the Mother energies that nurture and sustain us in life.

When we (Rufus, the dog and I) got to the woods and it was like a taking a breath of fresh air, a wonderful, long, deep breath of fresh air – just what I needed and all at once I found my feet again.  I began to allow the woods to soothe and clear all my cobwebs away.

I have a little connection ritual that I like to do when I go walking in nature… it’s like asking permission of all the nature and fairy spirits that live within the woodland, so that you can walk with them knowing that you are accepted and loved in that energy.

It goes something like this:

I call upon the spirits of the woodlands to join me on my wanderings
I honour your presence and ask for your wisdom
Brothers and Sisters, souls of the woodlands
You bring beauty throughout the year
I ask your permission to enter your home
Please welcome me (and Rufus the dog) here

So I offer the woods this connection ritual and then I walk, and when I walk, I walk in mindfulness of where I am, of the energies all around me, of the noises and rustlings of the animals, birds and insects, and all the small movements and noises the trees and plants make. 

Every part of the woodland is alive to me.

This is when I encourage you to open up to your hippy spirit and try something completely different… it’s time to get into some serious tree hugging.  I am a prolific tree hugger and there is no better way to connect yourself into nature that to give your favourite tree a hug, or to step into the embrace of an Oak, an Ash, a Chestnut or any other tree that calls to you. 

Over To You

I would love to know what connections work for you, are you connecting in any of the ways mentioned above or is that connection practice completely missing for you. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

The Doors are open for this Autumns ‘Path of Earth’

Well Wood Tree MeditationA Spiritual journey of connection and transformation.

I have just opened the doors for this September’s Path of Earth workshop, so if you’re seeking a greater sense of connection to nature and want to re-discover her energy but you’ve been feeling dis-connected with yourself, within your foundations and to Mother Earth, then this might be what you’re looking for.

Join me for a series of days when you are immersed in the energies of the earth, the energies of nature and connection into the energies within you.  Where you are supported on your journey. Where you are allowed breathing space between each workshop date.  Where you are nurtured by the others that are sharing your journey and connection with you.  Where you are allowed to heal fully and deeply within sacred space.  Where you are re-connected to the Mother Earth, the nature spirits, fairy’s, dyrads and animal energies.

Throughout this journey you will feel yourself changing, growing, becoming more empowered, feeling your soul transforming and awakening within you.  You will feel the divine spirituality of nature opening itself to you, and you reaching back to it, as your energies become interwoven into one.

If you want to become a part of this journey then click here and place your deposit now

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