Walking with Spirit Guides – Tea Circle

Journey with your Spirit Guides & Allies whilst enjoying a nice Cup of Tea

I have been teaching and mentoring, channeling and doing psychic readings for many years and am now reopening my doors to this new circle so that you can continue this journey with me.

I would be honoured to walk at your side while you explore your connections to beings outside of this reality, making connections to your Guardian Angels; Spirit Guides and other spirits in nature and all other realms.

This is an excerpt from my new book ‘Walking with Spirit Guides’, which will give you insight into my path with my Spirit Guides…

“In the beginning there was ‘The Word’.

In my case the word was from White Feather, my spirit guide, shamanic mentor and teacher.  We would like to guide you, assist you and mentor you through your challenges and connections as you travel the path of your soul’s spiritual journey. 

This is not necessarily mediumship that I am talking about, but more the general connection that we make as we do our shamanic work and journey on our soul path with the guidance of the spiritual beings – often referred to as our Spirit Guides and sometimes as Guardian Angels – that are all around us. 

This creates a realisation that these connections are closer and far more poignant, filling our lives with a greater perception of the depth of the universe, the depth of the earth and the world that we live in and on.”

I invite you to explore your relationships; go on journeys to connect; travel within the tree of life to the different realms; discover sacred wisdoms; dive deeply into all that is possible and know the value of yourself within that relationship.

Another vital part of this journey will be sharing a cup of tea together whilst we share our experiences.

Interested? – Here are the details

Walking with Spirit Guides – Tea Circle will be every week on Sundays at 3pm in my home and sacred space in Landmead, Glastonbury

All contributions are by donation with a minimum donation of £5

Want to know more? – I would love to connect with you so give me a call on 07952 041477 or you can email me