Healing Share

All Healers Welcome

I invite you to join me once a week in a shared healing, sacred space of community and oneness to delve into deeper levels of healing.

Whatever your path – be it Shamanic  | Reiki (and all denominations of) | Earth | Sound | God/Goddess | Crystal healing – I welcome you into a space that will allow you to open to all the energies; explore the depths of your healing both for yourself and others; experience new energies that will ignite your interest and passions; and discover how deep your personal healing journey can go.

During our weeks together we will explore:

  • Different healing styles and tools
  • Creation of sacred working space
  • Healing ourselves through energies and emotional release
  • Sharing healing with others whilst honouring boundaries and consent
  • Creating space with sound and crystals
  • Bringing healing to the Earth and all her creations
  • Requests for healing for others outside the group

I have always loved to share my healing and want to support you to do so too.

Interested? – Here are the details

Healing Shares will be every week on Sundays at 6pm in my home and sacred space in Landmead, Glastonbury

All contributions are by donation with a minimum donation of £3 to cover drinks

Want to know more? – I would love to connect with you so give me a call on 07952 041477 or you can email me