Unwind, relax and heal as I give you the massage of your dreams.

Feel yourself float away on the gentle music, soothing aromas and relaxing massage movements designed to give you the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

If you feel the need to get away from it all and really release all those tensions and stresses then this is the massage for you.

AromatherapyAromatherapy massage is a full body escape from the reality of your life.

Let yourself decompress and allow yourself the pleasure of letting go and letting someone else nurture you for a while.

Ooh Yes Please!

Over 1 1/2 hours you can experience the joy of a pampering and gently nurturing Aromatherapy massage session costing you £80.

For ultimate pampering book three sessions for £220 – that’s a saving of £20 – have one a week and feel life soaring back in on all levels.

Want to book your session, just give me a call on 07952 041477 or send me an email

Go on, treat yourself, you’ll love yourself for it!

Gift Vouchers

Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversarys or just a wonderful surprise for the one you love

Treat your loved ones to the pampering they deserve.

Send me an email with all the details incuding…

  • Their name
  • How much you want to spend
  • If the voucher is for general use or for a specific massage treatment or shamanic healing


Then I will email you your voucher – if you want it posted then please give me your name and address too.

It’s easy and they will love you for it!